Confessor Jiji

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Location Dirtmouth

Confessor Jiji is an NPC in Hollow Knight. Confessor Jiji who was asleep for a very long time now awakens and offers his service to help those who are in need to face their regrets


Confessor Jiji Information

Confessor Jiji has been in slumber for a very long period of time, and the residents of Dirtmouth have been wanting to open the graveyard door and see what lies beyond it. However the sounds of groaning instilled fear and kept the residents to leave it as is. Upon discovering the stone door in Dirtmouth, players will be able to unlock the door with the use of a Simple Key where Confessor Jiji will be found.

He awakens just as The Knight enters, and mentions that he has been asleep for so long and that he fears what would happen if the land would soon be consumed and filled with regrets. Confessor Jiji then offers his expertise to summon The Knight's Shade in exchange for a Rancid Egg. Whenever the Shade is summoned, players will need to defeat the Shade in order to recover The Knight's lost Geo and SOUL meter. In cases such as the Shade is hard to find and holds a high value of Geo, Confessor Jiji's service will be very useful

  • Location: Confessor Jiji Can be found at Dirthmouth
  • Combat: Players may not kill Confessor Jiji. However, is replaced by Steel Soul Jinn in Steel Soul Mode.


Associated Quests

  • N/A
  • If players would like to summon the Shade, approach Jiji and provide a Rancid Egg as payment.



Welcome, small intruder. I've been sound asleep in here for some time...Some, time?

Ah. Yes. Yes. Well, now you've gone and woken me up. It's no matter, I suppose. I might even be able to help you.

I am Jiji, and if you have found your way into my chamber you must need my help.

You see, sometimes we leave our regrets behind in the world, like black stains.

If we don't deal with these regrets, hope starts to drain from us.

Do you have regrets of your own, little one? Let me peer into you for a moment...


Notes & Tips

  • In Steel Soul Mode, Steel Soul Jinn will replace Jiji who asks for Rancid Eggs in exchange for Geo.



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    • Anonymous

      Apparently you can only have one 'regret' at a time!! If you die multiple times without summoning a shade, the first shade will be lost forever

      • Anonymous

        Not that i care but how do we know Jiji is a she. I've always thought jiji was an older man. Is their lore supporting that jiji is one or the other? Again just curious

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