Trade Items in Hollow Knight are items that can be exchanged into Geo or assistance. These Trade Items can be found scattered within the depths of Hallownest.  Below a list of Trade Items available that can be obtained through the Hollow Knight game.

What are Items in Hollow Knight?

There are four categories of types of items that can be found in Hollow Knight, each having its own function. These category of items are Keys or Key Items, Quest Items, Upgrade Items, and Tradeable Items.

  • Keys or Key Items: These items are mainly used to unlock doors, new locations, and even chests that are scattered around Hallownest. You can either purchase these key items or locate them in various sections of an area.
  • Quest Items: Quest Items in Hollow Knight are to be used for completing specific Quests in Hollow Knight. It can either be given to certain NPCs, to unlock some features in the game, or to simply progress the story of the game. Quest Items can either be purchased from Merchants, given by an NPC, or simply found in specified sections of a location.
  • Trade Items: These special, unique items are to be traded with specific NPCs or Merchants in Hollow Knight. If given to a special character, a player can gain a reward in return or even request for services provided that you can hand over the required item.
  • Upgrade Items: Upgrade Items in Hollow Knight are vital for The Knight, these items help in increasing the stats of The Knight such as increasing its Health, SOUL, and Equipment such as the Nail.


How do I View my Items in Hollow Knight?

When you first start Hollow Knight in Dirtmouth, you may encounter the first couples of MerchantsSly, a small bug who sells you Items from a shack and Iselda, a female bug who also sells items from a shack.

It is recommended that you explore the Forgotten Crossroads for a bit when starting, then go back to Dirtmouth and buy the Charm Gathering Swarm from Sly. Additionally, you should buy the Charm Wayward Compass and the Item Map and Quill from Iselda to have a better sense of direction when exploring Hallownest.

After buying these Items, you can start buying whatever you want from there on out. It is recommended that you frequently buy Mask Shards from Sly to get extra Masks and thus survive longer against Bosses or Enemies in exploration.

Its very important to note that in this game, you should never have to grind Geo. All of the Equipment in this game can eventually be obtained by exploring and continuing the main storyline as expected, so dont ever feel the need to grind Geo to buy specific Items from Merchants. 



Hollow Knight All Trade Items

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Trade Items Usage/Description

hollow knight wiki arcane egg icon small
Arcane Egg

This can be traded with Relic Seeker Lemm for hollow knight wiki geo icon1200.

hollow knight wiki hallownest seal icon small
Hallownest Seal

This item can be traded with Relic Seeker Lemm in exchange for hollow knight wiki geo icon450.

hollow knight wiki kings idol icon small
King's Idol

A white idol depicting the King of Hallownest. The elusive king was worshipped through these idols.

hollow knight wiki rancid egg icon small
Rancid Egg

Provide a Rancid Egg to Confessor Jiji to summon the Shade.

Rancid Egg can be sold to merchants such as Steel Soul Jinn in exchange for Geo.

hollow knight wiki wanderers journal icon small
Wanderer's Journal

A relic from Hallownest's past. This item now holds little value except for those dedicated to the kingdom's history.

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