Sly is an NPC in Hollow Knight. Sly is one of the game's merchants and is later known to be the Great Nailsage who almost succumbed to The Infection.


Sly Information

Sly must be found and rescued first at the Forgotten Crossroads before he fully succumbs to The Infection. After defeating the Gruz Mother, you'll find a shack in the small village where an infected Sly can be found - speak to him in order to save him and he will then open his shop in Dirtmouth. After learning all three Nail Arts, you'll find him in the backroom of his shop where he will reveal that he is the Great Nailsage who taught the Nailmasters.

  • Location: Sly Can be found at the Forgotten Crossroads after defeating the Gruz Mother.
  • Progression: Sly moves to Dirtmouth after finding him near the shack at the Forgotten Crossroads. Obtaining the Shopkeeper's Key unlocks more items in Sly's list.
  • Combat: Players may not kill Sly. However, he can be challenged as a final boss in the Pantheon of the Sage.


Associated Quests


Sly's Shop

Item Price (Geo)
Gathering Swarm 300
Stalwart Shell 200
Lumafly Lantern 1800
Simple Key 950
Rancid Egg 60
1st Mask Shard 150
2nd Mask Shard (Purchase the first) 500
1st Vessel Fragment 550
Obtaining the Shopkeeper's Key
3rd Mask Shard (Purchase the second) 800
4th Mask Shard (Purchase the third) 1500
2nd Vessel Fragment (Purchase the first) 900
Sprintmaster 400
Heavy Blow 350
Elegant Key 800



...ugghh, Oro you oaf.... You wield your nail... like a club...

...Esmy... how much deeper do we have to go...

Oh! What?! Who are you?! ...I see. This old village.

What a strange dream, to have led me down here! If you hadn't found me, I don't think I would've ever woken.

I'm Sly. Usually, I live an uneventful life up in Dirtmouth. The air in these ruins doesn't agree with me, so I'd best be getting back.

If you return above, come and see me. I'm probably the friendliest face left there, and I can thank you properly for your good deed.


Notes & Tips

  • Sly is a boss and known as the Great Nailsage Sly in the Godmaster DLC. This is actually referenced when, right before we wake him up, he mentions Oro (see above), who would be Nailmaster Oro whom he trains. It is unknown who Esmy is.
  • For strategies on how to defeat him as Great Nailsage Sly, click on this word.



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    • Sly is like a cricket version of Yoda. Again, an interesting, endearing character along with his apprentices the Nailmasters. I love all of them. I wish there was more development and more of a story for Sly and the Nailmaster triplets... Hollow Knight has *so much potential* to be an even bigger and better game with more quest options if only TC would focus on developing it more (currently it feels rather unfinished to me in many ways - just my opinion) and adding more content and better writing to tie up all of the loose ends they left with so many characters.

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