Hallownest Seal

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Official seal of the Kingdom of Hallownest, symbolising the authority of the King and his Knights.

Relic from Hallownest's past. This item now holds little value except for those dedicated to the kingdom's history.

Hallownest Seal is an Item in Hollow Knight. It is used to trade it with for merchants in exchange for Geo. Hallownest Seals are the official symbols used by the Pale King and the Five Great Knights.


Hallownest Seal Usage

  • This item can be traded with Relic Seeker Lemm in exchange for hollow knight wiki geo icon450.


How to Find Hallownest Seal

  • 1 is acquired as a reward for finding 23 Grubs. Return to the Grubfather to claim the Hallownest Seal,
  • The Knight must have the Mantis Claw in order to reach a secret room that's on the left side of the well in the Forgotten Crossroads.
  • Check the east of the lift in the catacombs in the Resting Grounds. You'll find it on the other side of several breakable walls.
  • Collect 100 Essence in exchange for 1 seal, given by the Seer.
  • 1 in Queen's Gardens to the northwest of the Stag Station.
  • 1 in Greenpath to the southwest of where Thorns of Agony is acquired.

Location: Fungal Wastes

  • 1 can be found on the ceiling where Willoh is eating mushrooms in Queen's Station.
  • Head northeast from the Mantis Lords in Mantis Village, you must defeat the Mantis Lords first to gain access to the room.
  • 1 located at the top section of the room east of Queen's Station.

Location: Fog Canyon

  • 1 located inside the room connected to the Forgotten Crossroads, hidden in the left wall.
  • 1 inside a room to the northeast of the Overgrown Mound, near the Lifeblood Cocoon.

Location: City of Tears

  • Northwest of Relic Seeker Lemm.
  • Above the King's Station Stag Station.
  • Watcher's Spire in a room, northwest of the Watcher Knight fight.
  • Soul Sanctum in the west most section of a room after fighting the Soul Master.

Location: Deepnest

  • South part of Beast's Den.
  • Inside a room, northwest of the Mantis Lords.


Hallownest Seal Notes & Tips

  • There are 17 Hallownest Seals that can be found in Hollow Knight.


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