Map and Quill

map and quill hollow knight wiki guide

Map of Hallownest.

When resting at a bench or elsewhere, the quill can be used to update the map with newly discovered areas.

Map and Quill is an Item in Hollow Knight. It allows players to fully map and update newly found areas such as rooms, chambers, and passages within Hallownest. You would need to rest at a Bench first, then it will automatically map out an area that you own.



Hollow Knight Map and Quill Usage

  • Allows The Knight to update areas of the map once players discover undiscovered or hidden parts of the map.
  • Players will need to rest at a Bench after discovering a new area for The Knight to update the map.
  • The entire map can be viewed by pressing the Inventory, then scroll to the Map page.
  • It can also be accessed by double-tapping Quick Map instead of navigating through the menu.
  • If you hold down the Quick Map, it will open an overlaid map of the area that you're currently walking through, allowing you to walk around the area while viewing the map.



How to Find Map and Quill

  • Purchase the Quill from Iselda for hollow knight wiki geo icon120. You can find her shop at Dirtmouth.
  • Obtain an area map from Cornifer - if players miss his location, a new area map can be bought from his wife Iselda for a slightly higher price.



Map and Quill Notes & Tips

  • Purchase Pins from Iselda for points of interests such as benches, cocoons, merchant locations can be marked on the map.
  • Purchasing a Wayward Compass from Iselda for hollow knight wiki geo icon220 will help in exploration, especially at the early parts of the game. It will also help if you plan on collecting every Item, Spell, or Mask Shard in the game.



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