A Nailsmith's Obsession


Reward/s Upgrades of The Nail
Location City of Tears
Prerequisite/s Find and speak to the Nailsmith.

A Nailsmith's Obsession is a Quest in Hollow Knight. Quests can provide rewards from items, unlocking Trophies/Achievements, and uncovering more information to the lore. Quests can only be activated by speaking to NPCs.



A Nailsmith's Obsession Objectives


A Nailsmith's Obsession Locations


A Nailsmith's Obsession Walkthrough

The Nailsmith's location in the City of Tears.

To start this quest, head to the City of Tears at the southwestern side of the area to find the Nailsmith's hut. Speak to him and he will provide The Knight his service of upgrading The Nail to its full potential in exchange for Geo and Pale Ore.


During the first encounter, he will upgrade the Old Nail into the Sharpened Nail for hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon250. The next upgrade he can do is the Channelled Nail which requires hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon800 and 1 Pale Ore.


Now, you'll be left with two upgrades which are the Coiled Nail and the fully upgraded Pure Nail. The Coiled Nail requires hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon2000 and 2 Pale Ore, while the Pure Nail requires hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon4000 and 3 Pale Ore. Once you've successfully forged The Pure Nail, the Nailsmith will step outside.


Head outside the hut where you'll find the Nailsmith contemplating about his existence while standing by the edge of the cliff. When you speak to him, he will mention that his work has come to an end and only wishes to see how the ultimate weapon works with his very own eyes and begs you to "cut him down" by using the nail - you are now left with the decision to spare his life and leave or to grant his request and kill him. If you choose to kill him, he will fall off the cliff and his body will be found floating in the Junk Pit, granting players with the Purity Trophy/Achievement.


If you choose to let him live, he can be found at Nailmaster Sheo's in Greenpath modeling for Sheo and creating wooden figures together, this grants the players with the Happy Couple Trophy/Achievement after speaking to both of them - however, in order for the Nailsmith to appear at Sheo's, The Knight must have acquired the Great Slash Nail Art. If the Nailsmith doesn't appear at Sheo's, acquire the Nail Art first, rest at a bench and head back to Sheo's hut to find the Nailsmith along with the Nailmaster. This marks the completion of the quest.


A Nailsmith's Obsession Notes & Notable Loot

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