Greenpath is a Location in Hollow Knight. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. Greenpath is a vibrant location that is filled with overgrowth and vegetation, new plant-based/structured enemies inhabit the area.


Greenpath Walkthrough

Finding Cornifer

Players will arrive at a heavily vegetated location called Greenpath. Here, you'll encounter a new type of leafy enemies and paths that are filled with pools of acid. From the entrance, you'll want to head west where you'll encounter an Elder Baldur blocking your path. Just like your first encounter at the Ancestral Mound, you'll need to use Vengeful Spirit to kill the beast. As soon as you are able to pass through, take your time and be careful as you try to jump on the small elevated platforms that are above a pool of acid - make your way to the lower left-hand side of the area and make your way back up to the next section which is also to your left.

You'll now find yourself respectively in Greenpath, continue heading west by jumping onto the platforms where you'll encounter a new enemy a Volatile Mosskin. Be mindful since upon hitting it the 2nd time, it will release a toxic cloud that deals damage upon contact, and upon killing it, make sure to keep your distance since its body will explode after a second which also deals damage if you are caught within its blast. There will also be a Mosscreep that crawls on walls, ceilings, and floors which make them hard to spot since their bodies are covered in leaves allowing them to camouflage.

Continue heading west, and right before you reach the next section next to a gazebo-like structure, you'll find a secret path which you can jump up to where you'll find a cache of Geo. Be mindful and look at the floor to find sharp teeth emerging from the ground, walk in the middle to bait the Fool Eater to reveal itself, once it closes its mouth you can hit it a few times before it re-opens it's mouth and burrows back into the ground. Repeat the method until you kill it, once you've cleared it, collect the geo from the cache and proceed to the next section to your left.

Once you're inside the room, head to the top part of the room to find a Bench you can rest on. When you're done resting, head down one level to your left where you can find another cache of Geo hidden just on the ceiling. Collect the Geo and continue into the next section to your left.

As you continue down the path, you'll briefly see Hornet at the top left corner, she'll immediately retreat into the section next to her once she sees you. Since you won't be able to reach the area as of the moment, you'll have to head to the bottom part of the room. Before heading all the way down, you'll want to head right at the middle section where you'll find a pool of acid and a Squit, this enemy is quite aggressive as it will charge to attack you once it sees you. Just pass it you'll find another cache of Geo, collect it and continue going down.

Be sure to always look down before jumping down to find the elevated platforms since at the very bottom is yet another pool of acid. Once you've reached the bottom platform, you'll want to head counterclockwise towards another cluster of Geo that you can find. After collecting the Geo, head back down and proceed into the next section to your right.

From here you'll want to continue heading east until you reach the elevated platforms where you'll find a trail of paper. Follow it and you'll eventually hear and find him - talk to Cornifer and purchase a copy of the map of Greenpath for 60 Geo.

The Path leading to The Hunter

After obtaining the map, walk to the left and cross the spiked pit and drop down into the next section. From here continue going to the left where a Mosscreep will pop out, kill it and continue forward. Jump onto the platform that is held by a vine then wait for the 2x Mosskin to walk underneath the platform before cutting the vine to kill them both. Now, proceed to the right where you'll find a path that has teeth-like structures emerging from the ceiling and floor - follow the path that will take you to The Hunter.

Once you approach it, The Hunter will release a shriek. Regardless of it doing so, The Hunter is non-hostile. Simple approach it and talk to it. Listen to it and it will provide you with The Hunter's Journal which gives you details of all the enemies and bosses you've encountered.

Rescue Another Grub

After collecting the journal, head back outside and cut the vine that is holding the platform. Drop down to where the platform landed and continue on the 2nd platform with the vine, cut it and proceed to the 3rd platform, and cut the vine again where you'll now land on a pool of acid. You'll now be able to reach a trapped Grub on the right-hand side of the area - break the jar to free the little critter.

Exploring Greenpath

Upon freeing the Grub, jump back on the platform and head west until you reach the next section. Just be careful since you'll encounter 2x Squit. Once you've entered the section, Hornet will appear and she'll swing away from you. You can drop down and into a bottom exit where you can find a Bench for you to rest and save your game. When you're done, head back up and follow Hornet to the top left-hand side. Just below the entrance leading to where Hornet went into, you can find another cache of Geo just below it. Just be careful since there is another Fool Eater that is hard to spot burrowed into the ground. Make sure to bait it and kill it first before trying to get the cache of Geo. Collect the Geo and head back to the top and proceed into the next section.

Continue heading left where you'll encounter about 3x Moss Charger. After killing the Moss Charger at the farther left-hand side, you'll see Hornet again. Follow her into the next section and you'll find her again just above you. Again follow her until you reach the top exit.

From here, you'll need to head up. But before doing that, head to the left where you can find a cache of Geo. Collect the geo and continue heading to the top where you'll find a Toll Machine to your left and a Bench to your right. Pay 50 Geo at the toll machine to open the gates. Now, make your way to the top until you reach the exit. Just be careful since you'll encounter Obble, Volatile Mosskin, and Mosskin.

Once you've reached the next section, head to your right where you'll enter an arena and face a Moss Knight. You'll need to defeat it in order for the gates to re-open. After defeating it, exit to the east and then head west and up to the top towards the next section.

Boss Battle, Vengefly King.

From here, head left where you'll encounter more Tiktik, Crawlid and Vengefly. Upon continuing left, you'll here someone that seems to be screaming for help, head up to the middle platform to find a bug named Zote the Mighty who is about to be eaten by a Vengefly King - strike the creature with your nail to save Zote and the boss battle will begin.

Vengefly King is considered as a mini-boss and an optional one. If you choose to ignore saving Zote, he will not appear later on at the Colosseum of Fools and in Dirtmouth. So be sure to save first. Now the Vengefly King only has 2 types of attacks, one is he emits a loud battle cry where it will call out about 1 up to 2 Vengefly and a charge attack where it will fly towards your direction. You can click here to check the strategies on how to defeat it - Vengefly King drops Geo upon defeat.

After you've defeated the creature, Zote will recover. Speak to him and he will introduce himself - you'll find him later on in Dirtmouth.

Rescue a Grub

When you're done talking to Zote, continue going left and drop down into the next section. Head east where you'll encounter 2x Moss Charger, and at the end, you'll find a secret passage that will lead you to a tablet for you to read. From here, you'll hear a cry of a Grub, look down where you'll find it behind a locked gate that is being guarded by a Moss Knight - head towards its location, defeat the Moss Knight to unlock the gate and break the jar to free the Grub.

Unlock the Stag Station

Upon rescuing the Grub, you're goal now is to find and follow Hornet (Boss). But first, we'll try to find the Stag Station. Proceed to the left, and drop down to the bottom part, you'll see a Stag Station sign to your right which is pointing down to the bottom exit. Head down and then go left into the section where you'll find the Stag Station.

Here, you'll find a Bench for you to rest on and save your game, and next to it is a Toll Machine. Approach the Toll Machine and pay 140 Geo to open up the station for Greenpath, if you need to head back to Dirtmouth to purchase some Charms, simply ring the bell to call out The Last Stag.

Acquire the Wanderer's Journal

Once you're done, head back outside the station and jump up onto the 2nd elevated platform, above the station sign. Now, there is a breakable wall that has a secret room which is at the right-hand side corner from the 2nd platform you are on, so you'll need to jump towards the wall and strike it with your nail a few times to destroy it.

Upon breaking the wall, you'll find a secret room with a corpse of a bug that seems to be holding an item. Before picking it up, make sure to walk up to it and then jump on the other platform to avoid taking damage from a Fool Eater, kill it and then pick up the item which is the Wanderer's Journal - this is a tradable item that can be exchanged for Geo.

Boss Battle, Hornet

After acquiring the journal, head back up into the previous section that you passed then proceed west and towards the next section which is also located to your left. You'll find yourself in a long corridor that will lead you to Hornet's arena, drop down and a short dialogue will begin - the battle will begin once she is done talking.

Hornet is one of the quickest bosses you'll encounter, so you'll need to be patient and try to track her movement before you attack since you don't have that many Charms equipped yet as well as a few Health Masks. However, it is best that you have the Soul Catcher charm equipped so that you can regain more SOUL whenever you hit her with your weapon and also take advantage of using the Vengeful Spirit spell when you have the opportunity. You can click here to check the strategies on how to defeat her. Once she is defeated she will retreat, the gate to your left will open, and she will leave behind the Mothwing Cloak ability that you can obtain. With the Mothwing Cloak on, The Knight will acquire the ability to dash which will allow you to traverse areas you couldn't reach or otherwise can be used as an escape mechanic to avoid enemy attacks - a short scene will then follow if you jump in the middle of the arena.

Once you've regained control of The Knight, head down where you'll see a puddle of acid, with the Mothwing Cloak you can dash over it to avoid getting hit. Once you've crossed it, look to the top right to find a cache of Geo, jump and then dash again to reach it.

Upon collecting the Geo, head down and go left towards the path that will take you to a sub-area the Lake of Unn. You'll encounter a small house where you can find a bench you can rest and save your game, you'll also find another NPC named Quirrel who is resting.

Obtain the Thorns of Agony

When you're done resting, check your map and head towards the center area of the map and head towards the section where you encountered structures that are covered in thorns and an enemy that looked like electric bugs. To reach the point where the charm is, you'll have to jump and dash in between the thorns and the Charged Lumafly towards the eastern end of the section. There you'll find the Thorns of Agony charm.

The Path to the Massive Moss Charger

Upon collecting the charm, open your map and head to the lower area of Greenpath where you'll come across a path that has a new enemy, a Gulka. These enemies, spring out from the ceiling or wall where it shoots out a green ball, hitting it with The Nail will cause it to boomerang back to the enemy which deals damage to it. Continue following the path until you come across a ledge that has a section to the left which was too far for The Knight to reach earlier, now you have the Mothwing Cloak you can jump and dash to reach it.

Once you've entered the section, head down and approach the huge moss to start the battle with the Massive Moss Charger. You can click here to learn more about the strategies on how to defeat it - the boss drops Geo upon defeat. From there, head left where you'll find the entrance to the next section and right below it is a cache of Geo.

Free the Grub

When you're in, you'll have to jump up to go around and then head to the bottom elevated platforms where you'll find another pool of acid that has a Durandoo walking in it. You'll want to head to your left into the next section, but first, head to the right and just a little above it you'll find 2 clusters of Geo. Collect the Geo and then head into the next section to your left.

In this section, you'll find 4x Durandoo yet walking in the pool of acid. You'll need to proceed west where the Grub is, and in order to reach it, you can cross the pool of acid by jumping on the Durandoo and then execute a downward slash to pogo off its shell. If you've crossed the area using the 2nd Durandoo, you can jump up to the elevated platforms first towards the top right to find a chest with Geo in it.

When you're done, head back down to find the 3rd and 4th Durandoo, use the same method to cross the pool of acid until you reach the surface at the end. From there, jump on the elevated platforms that are leading to the top right-hand side to find the trapped Grub - destroy the jar to free the little critter. The path on your left won't be accessible at the moment since you'll need the Mantis Claw ability to climb up walls.

For now, retrace your course and make your way back to the Stag Station and fast travel back to the Forgotten Crossroads.

Meeting Charm Lover Salubra

Upon arriving in the Forgotten Crossroads, head back to the path where you rescued Sly which is near the arena where you fought the Gruz Mother. Since you have the Mothwing Cloak, you are now able to reach Charm Lover Salubra's shop where she sells charms and notches. After you're done checking her shop, you can visit the Grubfather to obtain the rewards from rescuing the Grubs and then back to Dirtmouth to upgrade/purchase your gear to prepare for the next location, the Fungal Wastes.



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