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This old thing? Merely a fragment of something larger. Still, maybe you can make some use of it.

Mask Shard is an Upgrade Item in Hollow Knight. It is used to craft an Ancient Mask which increases the HP of The Knight. Upgrade Items in Hollow Knight are items that are used to enhance The Knight's status such as health, SOUL, and his equipment. Some Quest Items can be purchased from a Merchant and some are scattered throughout the map.


 Mask Shard Usage

  • Mask Shards are used to create an Ancient Mask that increases the Knight's health by one. Collecting 4 shards will allow players to acquire one Ancient Mask.
  • There are a total of 16 Mask Shards in the game which can create a total of 4 additional Ancient Masks.


Mask Shard Locations

  1. You must find Sly first in the Forgotten Crossroads so that he can open his shop in Dirtmouth. One can be purchased for hollow knight wiki geo icon150.
  2. Another Mask Shard can be purchased from Sly's shop for hollow knight wiki geo icon500.
  3. Look for a Shopkeeper's Key and give it to Sly for more items to become available. Another can be purchased for hollow knight wiki geo icon800.
  4. Similar to no.4, if you provide the Shopkeeper's Key to Sly, more items become available to purchase. The last shard can be bought for hollow knight wiki geo icon1500.
  5. Obtained as a reward for defeating the Brooding Mawlek at the far west section of the Forgotten Crossroads.
  6. Recue 5 Grubs and return to the Grubfather who gives you the Mask Shard as a reward.
  7. You must have the Mantis Claw first to reach the spot. Head south from the False Knight at the Forgotten Crossroads where the Goams can be founnd.
  8. The Knight must have the Mantis Claw to again, reach the next spot. One can be found close to the east side of Queen's Station.
  9. Rescue Bretta who is at the Fungal Wastes, then later, visit her house in Dirtmouth. You can find one in her house.
  10. Purchase the Lumafly Lantern from Sly's shop and head to the Stone Sanctuary in Greenpath. You need the lantern to light up the area.
  11. Royal Waterways: Head northwest, and swim left under the main path.
  12. The Knight must have the Monarch Wings to reach this spot. Located in Deepnest, pass through the Fungal Core which is near the Mantis Lords.
  13. The Knight must have the Monarch Wings to reach this spot. Reward for defeating the Crystal Guardian.
  14. Located behind a breakable wall in The Hive. You must bait a Hive Guardian enemy into hitting and breaking the wall to reveal the secret spot.
  15. Collect 1500 Essence and use it as payment to give the Seer in exchange for the Mask Shard. Located at the Resting Grounds.
  16. Complete the quest, Delicate Flower (Quest). If you are able to deliver a pure undamaged Delicate Flower to the grave of the Traitor's Child in Queen's Gardens, the Grey Mourner provides you with the shard as a reward.


Mask Shard Notes & Tips

  • There are 16 total Mask Shards to collect.
  • Collecting 4 Mask Shards unlocks the Trophy/Achievement: Protected
  • Collecting all 16 Mask Shards unlocks the Trophy/Achievement: Masked


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