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Location Greenpath
Resting Grounds

The Dreamers is an NPC in Hollow Knight. The Dreamers are three entities who came forward and was placed into an enchanted sleep by The Pale King to use their power to seal away the Hollow Knight.


The Dreamers Information

The Dreamers consist of three higher beings, Monomon the Teacher, Lurien the Watcher, and Herrah the Beast. They are entities that have been used as a seal to lock away the Hollow Knight. They first appear as ghostly apparitions in Greenpath and tell The Knight to refrain from meddling with their slumber and the seal on the Hollow Knight.

  • Location: The Dreamers appear as projections in Greenpath after acquiring the Mothwing Cloak
  • Progression: They reappear in the Resting Grounds after inspecting their memorial.
  • Combat: Players must find their bodies and strike it with the Dream Nail to find their vulnerable form which can be destroyed by striking them with the nail and by absorbing them afterward.
  • Rewards: Destroying each one of them inside their enchanted dream breaks their seal on the Hollow Knight.


Associated Quests



Would it seek to break the Seals?

They cannot be undone.

They must be undone.

Let us sleep little shadow.

Return to your darkness.

Allow us our peace.


Notes & Tips

  • It is unknown what Lurien the Watcher did before he was appointed Dreamer, other than guard the City of Tears and vigilantly watch over it through his telescope at the top of his tower.
  • Monomon is a jellyfish, and Herrah is a spider.
    Lurien’s species is unknown; he is the most enigmatic of the Dreamers, and the most loyal to the Pale King. His body shape seen partly beneath his robes is reminiscent to that of the Kingsmoulds.



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