Birthplace is a Location in Hollow Knight. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. The Birthplace is a sub-area of The Abyss and is located deep within and is the "birthplace" of The Knight and the Vessel siblings, which are now reduced to shade form.


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Birthplace Walkthrough

The Birthplace

The Birthplace is an area that is located deep within The Abyss. Its entrance can be found at the bottom west side of The Abyss and can only be accessed if The Knight has acquired both pieces of the Kingsoul charm to form it into one. The Kingsoul charm is broken into two pieces, half is held by The White Lady, and the other half is with The Pale King.

Acquiring the Kingsoul Charm

You'll most likely run into The White Lady first and you'll acquire the first half of the charm. The White Lady is located in the Queen's Gardens where you'll have to face and defeat the Traitor Lord first to gain access into her hiding place. To get the other half will be quite challenging since you'll need to grind and obtain 1,800 Essence in order to upgrade the Dream Nail into the Awoken Dream Nail.

You'll automatically acquire the Dream Nail once you arrive at the Resting Grounds and when you first encounter the Dream World. You'll then meet Seer who is a merchant that will trade items with you in exchange for Essence. The only difference with the Seer is that you won't be able to view the inventory but instead, you'll have to collect the required number of Essence for each item until the Seer requests for essence in exchange for the Awoken Dream Nail. Gaining Essence is the challenge since there are only two ways that you can collect essence. First, is by challenging the Warrior Dreams, they are scattered around the map but you can learn more about their information in their individual pages here. Not only can you challenge Warrior Dreams, but you can also fight some bosses that have their dream variations like Zote the Mighty, the False Knight, the Broken Vessel, the Dung Defender, and the Soul Master. You can challenge their dream variations by heading to the current location or last known location of these bosses and strike them with the Dream Nail to enter the dream world. And the second way to acquire essence is by looking for Whispering Root trees that are scattered around the map. Striking these trees with the Dream Nail will cause it to burst out a few essence that you can collect. 

Once you have enough essence and have acquired the Awoken Dream Nail, you'll have to travel to the east side of the Ancient Basin where you will find the Palace Grounds. There isn't much that you can find there, but only a corpse of a Kingsmould. You'll have to dream nail the corpse with the Awoken Dream Nail in order to transport yourself into the White Palace inside the dream world. From there, you'll have to work your way to the throne room where you'll find the corpse of The Pale King - strike his body multiple times to acquire the second half of the Kingsoul charm. His body will mysteriously vanish afterward. 

Upon combining both pieces, you can now travel back to The Abyss and open up the path leading to The Birhplace. A series of events will then happen and at the end will result into The Knight absorbing The Void and acquiring the Void Heart charm which is an essential charm that you'll need if you want to achieve the Dream No More Ending.



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