Nailsage's Pride


Reward/s Nailmaster's Glory
Location Forgotten Crossroads
Prerequisite/s Find and rescue Sly

Nailsage's Pride is a Quest in Hollow Knight. Quests can provide rewards from items, unlocking Trophies/Achievements, and uncovering more information to the lore. Quests can only be activated by speaking to NPCs.



Nailsage's Pride Objectives

  • Rescue Sly.
  • Obtain all three Nail Arts from the Nailmasters.


Nailsage's Pride Locations


Nailsage's Pride Walkthrough

Nailsage's Pride is a quest that focuses on saving the shopkeeper Sly, acquiring three Nail Arts from the Nailmasters and uncovering the truth of who Sly is.

Rescuing an almost infected Sly.

Sly's location in the Forgotten Crossroads.

To start this quest, you must find and save Sly first from being consumed by The Infection. He can be found in a cave-like room in the Forgotten Crossroads, speaking to him will allow him to fight off The Infection and recover his sanity.


After speaking to him, he will move to Dirtmouth, where he will open his shop and sell various Items and Charms that can be helpful for your survivability in the game. Now, if you hit Sly with the Dream Nail, a dialogue will appear, revealing that he is hoping that all "three" of them are looking after themselves which refers to the three Nailmasters who are Nailmasters Oro, Mato, and Sheo that The Knight will need to find in order to learn the Nail Arts.

Finding Nailmaster Oro.

Nailmaster Oro's location in Kingdom's Edge.

Nailmaster Oro can be found in Kingdom's Edge where he will teach the Dash Slash Nail Art. However, be prepared to have hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon800 since he will ask for payment in exchange for learning the Nail Art.

Finding Nailmaster Mato.

Nailmaster Mato's location in Howling Cliffs.

Next up is Oro's brother, Nailmaster Mato who can be found in Howling Cliffs where he teaches the Cyclone Slash Nail Art. Unlike Oro, Mato is willing to teach The Knight without asking for anything in return.

Finding Nailmaster Sheo.

Nailmaster Sheo's location in Greenpath.

And finally, the last Nailmaster, Sheo, can be found at the western end of Greenpath. He is the strongest Nailmaster out of the three and decided to learn a new art of painting, sculpting, and creation - he bestows The Knight with the Great Slash Nail Art. Once you have obtained all three Nail Arts, head back to Sly's shop in Dirtmouth and speak to him.


Once you've arrived, Sly won't be at his counter which will allow you to walk further into his shop where you can find a hatch you can jump into - it will reveal another room which seems to be his sanctuary. Once you speak to him, he will acknowledge himself as the Great Nailsage who has taught all three Nail Arts to his former apprentices Oro, Mato, and Sheo. This will mark the completion of the quest and at the end, he will give The Knight the Nailmaster's Glory charm as a reward for recognizing The Knight's skill


Nailsage's Pride Notes & Notable Loot

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