The Grimm Troupe


Released October 26, 2017.

The Grimm Troupe is a DLC for Hollow Knight and is the second out of the four free contents that were released. This DLC was released on the 26th of October, 2017 and added in new foes, areas, content, and much more to the game.


The Grimm Troupe Overview

The Grimm Troupe is considered as an extra chapter and a quest that introduces a threatening group of bugs that appear in Dirtmouth who wants to perform a ritual. This will leave you with the decision of helping the Troupe complete the ritual and to learn more about the menacing group or choosing to banish them out of town.

Now, in order to start this quest, you will need to summon them to the town. To do that, make your way to the Howling Cliffs and through two breakable walls that leads into a tight passage with unlit torches. At the end of the passage, you will see a body of a large bug where you will need to use the Dream Nail to unlock a dialogue and will cause the screen to flash the color red - retrace your steps where the previous area will have a huge torch with a glowing canister will appear. Hit it multiple times to trigger a cutscene and the Grim Troupe will be summoned and have set camp in Dirtmouth.

The Grimm Troupe's main content composed of adding in new bosses, NPCs, new Charms and a new story to uncover. New enemies were also added, and some changes in the game were included such as adding a new theme for the menu featuring The Grimm Troupe. Listed below are the following content that has been added:



  • Grimm
  • Nightmare King Grimm



  • Grimmkin Novice
  • Grimmkin Master
  • Grimmkin Nightmare







  • Additional Charm Notch


Godmaster  ♦  Hidden Dreams  ♦  Lifeblood

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