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Location Dirtmouth

Nymm is an NPC added in the DLC of Hollow Knight, The Grimm Troupe. Nymm is a peculiar-looking bug who plays the accordion and only appears when the Troupe is banished.


Nymm Information

Nymm is a bug that highly resembles Brumm (only he appears to have a slightly altered appearance, as he is in a disguised form after his betrayal). He appears after choosing to banish the troupe by conspiring with and assisting Brumm, after speaking to him he will provide the Carefree Melody charm.

  • Location: Nymm can be found at Dirtmouth.
  • Combat: Players may not kill Nymm.
  • Rewards:
    • Provides the Carefree Melody charm.
    • Unlocks the Banishment Achievement/Trophy.


Associated Quests

  • The Grimm Troupe
  • If a player chooses to banish the Troupe by conspiring with Brumm, he will appear later in Dirtmouth and provides you with a charm; if you choose to push through the ritual and help Grimm, he will not appear.



Ah. Hello! Hello! I'm new around these parts, so it's marvellous to see so friendly a face, in such a sad town.

The old bug over there was very welcoming, but still I find the place a little melancholy, what with the wind, and the darkness, and the sense of decline... I was hoping my music could go some way to livening up the place.

And now you've arrived with that wonderful, charming aura about you. The whole town feels brighter for it.

Before you hurry about your business, I've a small gift to commemorate a wonderful new friendship. No use for it myself, but I believe it'd look rather fancy upon you.

Please, enjoy it, and lets hope to see much more of one another about town.


Notes & Tips

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