Troupe Master Grimm

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Location Dirtmouth
DLC The Grimm Troupe

Troupe Master Grimm is both a Boss and an NPC in Hollow Knight. Troupe Master Grimm is also the main character for The Grimm Troupe (Quest). Upon entering his nightmare, you will encounter his Dream form, the Nightmare King Grimm.


Hollow Knight Grimm Lore

Grimm in Hollow Knight is the leader of the mysterious ghostly Grimm Troupe. The Troupe serves The Nightmare's Heart, a higher being that rules over the Nightmare counterpart of the Dream Realm. The Trope travels to wherever their scarlet Lantern has been lit, gathering scarlet flames from the ruins of kingdoms long gone. The goal of the ritual is for the current Troupe Master Grimm to be reborn by fire, becoming the Grimmchild (who will in time mature into Troupe Master Grimm once more to continue the cycle). To perform this task, the Troupe deploys ghostly beings of flame called the Grimmkin. Although intimidating and perhaps sinister-looking, they do not appear to be harming anyone as they feed on the residual energy of dead kingdoms.

After you complete The Grimm Troupe quest, Master Grimm will be available as a companion to the Knight in the form of Grimmchild. 


Hollow Knight Grimm Information

Grimm in Hollow Knight is a character that is presented as both an NPC and boss. Players will need the DLC The Grimm Troupe or own the Voidheart Edition of the game to gain access to this character.

You can find Troupe Master Grimm at his tent in Dirtmouth after you summon the Grimm Troupe at the Howling Cliffs (ignite their lantern by striking it with the nail). Talk to Grimm to receive the Grimmchild; with it, you will be able to spot the scarlet flames on your map that you would need to collect. Each flame that you see on your map represents the location of a Grimmkin. Grimmkin are playful fiery spirits. They will giggle, emit flames, and fly around the Knight. You must defeat them in order to obtain the flames they bear upon their torches. Be advised that they can pass through walls and platforms, as do their projectiles.

Once you've collected all three flames, return to Troupe Master Grimm's tent and turn in the three flames.  Troupe Master Grimm will upgrade your Grimmchild charm and tell you that you must collect more flames before the final act. Make sure you have Grimmchild equipped, open your map and you'll spot three flames again. Defeat three more Grimmkin to obtain their flames. After collecting each flame, head back to Troupe Master Grimm. This will then trigger a boss fight, which Grimm himself describes as a 'fiery dance'.

Troupe Master Grimm is one of the quickest and most graceful bosses in Hollow Knight, he has multiple attacks and mix-ups that can make quick work of you if you're not careful. During the battle, you would want to finish the fight as fast as possible and deal constant damage to him. Remember that every attack counts and observe his telegraphed movements to time your dodges correctly and strike him when you see an opening.

After defeating him, you will unlock the "Grand Performance" Achievement/Trophy.

Once you finish the battle, you can walk past Grimm's arena and climb the wall to discover another room. Grimm will be dangling from the ceiling, sound asleep. Dream Nail him to begin the fight with his dream variant, Nightmare King Grimm.

Hollow Knight Grimm Associated Quests

  • You must work equip the Grimmchild charm to collect the flames that are presented on the map after speaking with Troupe Master Grimm. The Grimmkin won't spawn without it.
  • Brumm - Accordion player in the same tent as Troupe Master Grimm.
  • Troupe Master Grimm can also be summoned to Godhome from the Godseeker's own ritual. He will also appear in the Pantheon of the Sage and Pantheon of Hallownest.


Hollow Knight Grimm Dialogue

Wonderful. Wonderful! My kin arrive and the time has come.

This searing fire... It carries well the Ritual's promise.

Dance with me, my friend. The crowd awaits. Show them you are worthy of a starring role!


Hollow Knight Grimm Notes & Tips

  • Troupe Master Grimm has multiple attacks, many of which are predictable just in time to save your masks. Many attacks involve watching Troupe Master Grimm as well as being aware of your location on the stage to dodge their projectiles and attacks (see his boss page).
  • Many charms do work well in this fight, but personal favorites include Hiveblood and Nailmaster's Glory due to the lack of opportunity to attack and heal yourself. If Hiveblood is a charm that you use, be sure to know how other charms, such as Joni's Blessing, works with Hiveblood.
  • Troupe Master Grimm will always bow to you before the start of a fight. If you strike him while he bows to you, he will screech and begin the fight with his Pufferfish attack.
  • When you fight Troupe Master Grimm at Godhome, he will instead bow to Godseeker before the start of a fight.



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