Millibelle the Banker


Location Fog Canyon
Pleasure House

Millibelle the Banker is an NPC in Hollow Knight. Millibelle the Banker handles a bank who provides her service of safekeeping Geo.


Millibelle the Banker Information

Millibelle the Banker can be located in her bank at Fog Canyon near the Queen's Station. She recommends opening an account and provides her service for depositing Geo for a minimum fee of hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon100 and the maximum amount that can be deposited is hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon4500. However, once she holds hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon2500 or more, she will leave the bank. She can then be found at the Hot Spring of Pleasure House where she tries to explain the situation - this will give players the opportunity to recover the amount of Geo that was deposited 1.5 times more by attacking Millibelle's shell without harming her.

  • Location: Millibelle the Banker Can be found at Fog Canyon
  • Progression: Millibelle the Banker moves to the hot spring of Pleasure House after depositing hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon2500 or more. 
  • Combat: Players may not kill Millibelle the Banker.
  • Rewards: You can reclaim your Geo 1.5 times more after finding her at Pleasure House and by continuously attacking her shell.


Associated Quests

  • Milibelle: After depositing hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon2500 or more, Millibelle will move to Pleasure House at the Hot Spring. She will try to explain that it is a part of a legitimate banking deal and nervously laugh about it, players will now have the option to get back the stolen Geo but at the same time recovers about 1.5 more. After attacking her shell continuously, geo will start to drop until her shell is empty.
  • After doing so, she will say that she has nothing left and suggests it would be best for you to go on your way.



Hello there dearie. I was about to close up shop and run, till you came along. I provide a banking service if you're interested.

Losing one's Geo is a terrible thing and it's so much more likely if you carry it about on yourself.

My vault is much more secure. In all my time as a banker, I've never lost a single Geo!

Maybe you'd considered opening an account?


Notes & Tips

  • The hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon100 opening bank amount cannot be recovered.
  • She will be named Millibelle the Thief after she flees her bank.
  • Her bank will turn out to be a cutout 2D board after attacking the empty bank and while heading out of the area.
  • Despositing the full amount of 4500 Geo before she disappears will net you a 50% return (6750) when you finally catch up to her.


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    • Anonymous

      14 Feb 2021 15:00  

      Open A Bank Account They Said. It’ll Be Worth It They Said.... And Boy Were They Right! 2250 Extra Geo! Great Banking Service

      • Anonymous

        06 Jul 2020 23:12  

        So I just went a got my geo after giving her 4500. Subtracting the 138 geo I had before beating her senseless, I got 6800 geo in return. (I assume I had 138 geo, I wasn't paying attention, sorry. If I was off, I think the next best estimate is "I got 6750 geo, subtracting the 188 geo I had before").

        So, my options are: 6800 geo for 4500 deposit = 1.511111... or 6750 geo for 4500 deposit = 1.5.

        Ergo, I think it's safe to say your return on investment is 50%.

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