Resting Grounds is a Location in Hollow Knight. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. The Resting Grounds is a large cemetery that is filled with graves and tombstones. It is grey and somehow a colorless area that changes into a blue-themed area where spirits appear upon acquiring the Dream Nail.


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NPCs in the area


  • Xero (Warrior Dream)


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Resting Grounds Walkthrough

Acquire the Dream Nail

From the entrance of the Crystalised Mound, drop down to the bottom opening to reach the Resting Grounds. Over to your left is a tram station which requires a Tram pass, ignore that for now and go east into the next section where you'll stumble upon the statues of the Dreamers. Upon inspecting the statues, you'll acquire the location of the three dreamers and you'll be teleported into the Dream World by the Dreamers.

Once you've gained control of The Knight, walk a bit to the edge to your right and wait for the Unnamed Moth to appear. It will guide you to escape the dream world, all you have to do is follow it by using the elevated platforms to reach the end. Upon reaching the statue of the Unnamed Moth, speak to the spirit and it'll give you the Dream Nail. Take the weapon and you'll wake up from the dream and return to the real world - with the Dream Nail, you'll be able to fight unique and optional bosses called the warrior dreams. These fallen warriors will appear as a spirit and will only become hostile if you challenge them.

The Dream Nail can also be used on NPCs and Enemies to read and reveal their secret thoughts and to acquire Essence which is another form of currency used to purchase items from a special merchant called the Seer.

Meeting the Seer

Upon awakening, you'll find yourself inside the house/chamber of the Seer who is the last surviving species from the moth tribe. You can visit her page which is linked to her name to view her inventory.

Deep within the Resting Grounds

After speaking to her, head outside to your right and go down one level where you'll find a plant of Essence. Strike it with the Dream Nail and the Essence inside of it will burst and scatter, collect all the Essence then head back to the plant where you'll find it to grow larger. You can use the Dream Nail on it once again to reveal its thoughts.

Now, head down another level and go right to find a Stag Station and a bench. This is where you should also find Cornifer to purchase a copy of the map, but in case you miss him, you can head back to his and Iselda's shop in Dirtmouth to buy the map. When you're done, head back outside, drop down to the bottom part of the room, then walk towards a casket tomb to your right. Jump on top of it and use Descending Dark to destroy it which will reveal a path leading to the lower section of the Resting Grounds.

From here, go to your right and the ground below you will break. Walk up to the wall to your right and strike it with The Nail to break the wall where you'll encounter a new enemy, an Entombed Husk. Once you've killed it,  continue going right until you come across an opening just above you. Jump and strike upwards to destroy the ceiling. There will be 1x Belfly on the ceiling and 1x Entombed Husk at the upper right. Try to bait the Belfly first to charge in so it will explode and die upon hitting a surface, then climb up to the left-hand side to find a chest containing Geo. Walk close to the edge to bait the Entombed Husk, you should be able to attack it from a distance if you have the Mark of Pride charm equipped - upon killing it, jump to the right where you'll find a trapped Grub. Break the jar to free it then head back down and go east until you reach the end where you'll see another chest containing Geo.

Obtain the Soul Eater Charm

Once you've obtained the Geo, you can destroy the ceiling and wall near the chest to reveal a secret path. First, go to the secret path to your right, drop down and run towards the right until you reach the end. While you walk on the ground, some parts will break and open up to spiked pits. When you've reached the end, climb up, then continue going east, climb up again and destroy the ceiling which will open up the secret room that leads to the Soul Eater charm.

Meet the Grey Mourner

Once you've obtained the Soul Eater charm, retrace your steps back to where you've obtained the Geo from the chest and head up. This will lead you to the Grey Mourner's house and a bench that you can use just next to it. If you speak to her, she'll ask you to bring a Delicate Flower to her lover's grave which is located at the Queen's Gardens. You can click here to check the quest on how to complete it - it is recommended that you complete this quest later on.

Finding the First warrior dream

When you're done speaking to the Grey Mourner, head back down then go west until you reach a breakable wall that opens up an entrance towards the next section. There is a secret room just before entering which has a breakable ceiling, you'll find a breakable totem that has Geo in it alongside a Belfly guarding it - collect the geo then proceed into the next section.

From here, you'll find a lift that can take you to the eastern side of the City of Tears. Ignore it for now, head west into the next section where you'll encounter a Great Husk Sentry and a Winged Sentry. The Great Husk Sentry has a high amount of HP and will take a bit of time for you to fight it. But if you choose to do so, make sure to get rid of the Winged Sentry first so that you are focused on killing the Great Husk Sentry.

Now, after you've killed them or chose to avoid it, continue going west and head to the top left where you will find a switch, flip it to unlock the gate above you which is the next section you'll need to go to. The path below will take you a sub-area within the Resting Grounds called the Blue Lake, it is also a path that is connected to Dirtmouth via the Forgotten Crossroads. So for now, head up into the next section.

Boss Battle, Xero

You'll now find yourself in the arena of the first warrior dream you will encounter called Xero. Since you've acquired the Dream Nail, these type of bosses will now appear as a spirit in specific places such as their monuments, graves, sanctuaries. Head to the 2nd platform and you'll see Xero's spirit appear next to its statue once you approach it. To start the battle, you'll have to talk to them and at the end choose YES once the option appears to challenge the Warrior Dream. To learn more about the strategies on how to defeat the boss, you can click here. After defeating Xero, talk to him and he will reward you with 100 Essence after he disappears.

From here, you can either head back to Dirtmouth to purchase any more charms before heading back to revisit the City of Tears



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resting grounds map hollow knight wiki guide 300px

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