Trial of the Fool is a Location in Hollow Knight. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. Trial of the Fool is the third and final trial within the Colosseum, but you will first need to complete the Trial of the Warrior and Trial of the Conqueror to unlock this.


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Full Trial of the Fool Walkthrough

Enlist in the Trials

This is the third and final trial within the Colosseum, and it's also the hardest. Now go towards the last banner and enlist in the trial. You would need to pay 800 Geo for the entry fee, then head right to enter the arena.


Fight your way through waves of enemies

The first wave will start off with you already facing off against a group of enemies. A Heavy Fool and a Shielded Fool will first spawn, followed by two Armoured Squits. Two Shielded Fools and a Primal Aspid will spawn next, followed by two Winged Fools and two Sharp Baldurs afterwards. Prioritize the flying enemies first before dealing with the ones on the ground. Also try to create some distance between enemies whenever you need to heal.

The second wave will start with platforms rising up, two Sturdy Fools and a Primal Aspid will then spawn. Just focus on the Primal Aspid, the spikes on the ground will eventually come out during this wave and it'll take care of the Sturdy Fools on the ground.

The ceiling will start to drop down for the third wave, then three Battle Obbles and a Winged Fool will spawn. First take out the Winged Fool and try to stay away from the Battle Obbles' projectiles. After defeating them, two Furious Vengflies will spawn. Try taking them out one at a time and make sure to keep away from their exploding corpses once you're done.

The fourth wave will start with the spikes and platforms disappearing from the arena, then two Heavy Fools will spawn. Do not try to attack yet, as six Belflies will spawn after shortly and start diving in. Just try to cling to the wall and watch the Belflies explode and kill the Heavy Fools with them.

For the fifth wave, the ceiling will now revert back to its original state. Three Death Loodles will then spawn. This type of enemy tends to jump around the room, then it'll start leaping at you from the wall. Try to kill them quickly just as they start spawning so they won't be able to surround you.

Four platforms will appear and rise up for the sixth wave, and you'll be facing off against five Death Loodles this time. With the same strategy, try to take them out as soon as they start spawning to continue tot the next wave.

For the seventh wave, the platforms will disappear, and it will be the same as the previous wave, but only three Death Loodles will spawn. Kill them as soon as they appear to quickly finish this wave.

The eighth wave will begin with four platforms rising and stack up, and spikes will also appear from the ground. You'll be fighting several flying enemies and each time you take one out, another will immediately spawn afterwards. First will be two Armoured Squits, then two Primal Aspids, then followed by a Winged Fool. Try to keepmoving around as you dodge their attacks, as it is not a good idea to stay in between the platforms because you might get trapped with their attacks. After taking out the flying enemies, four Garpedes will spawn taking up the space between each of the platforms. This type of enemy are invulnerable to any attacks and cannot be killed, they're just really considered as an environmental hazard, so all you have to do is avoid them. Once you've gotten past one of them, a platform should be safe for you to stand on, take this advantage to heal when you need to. After defeating the rest of them, a Winged Fool and two Armoured Squits will spawn. Defeat them to continue with to the next wave.

The arena will now revert back to its original state for the ninth wave. You'll be fighting a lot of enemies during this wave. It'll start off with a Shielded Fool, Heavy Fool, and a Primal Aspid. Killing one of them will immediately spawn another enemy. you'll then have to fight a Mantis Traitor, this type of enemy is fast and can adapt to your movements. Its basic attack is a lunging slash attack that has a long-range. Second, it performs a jump attack, where it briefly hops and is immediately followed up with a downward slash towards you. And last, an upward slash attack where if you try to jump above it, it immediately attacks upward. Next up is a Mantis Petra, it will fire a spinning blade, then the spinning blade will come back to them, acting like a boomerang. Then you'll encounter two more Mantis Petras and a Mantis Traitor, followed by a Heavy Fool afterwards. Two Soul Twisters will then spawn, they will teleport around the arena while shooting projectiles at you. After defeating them, three Mistakes will pop out of the ground. After dealing with the Mistakes, a Soul Warrior will spawn in and try to land on your head, so keep a lookout above you after dealing with the Mistakes. This enemy will keep teleporting towards you and try to hit you with its close-range attacks, if you try to create some distance, it will start shooting projectiles. After a while, the Soul Warrior will summon a Folly, these are ghost-like beings that as soon as they appear, they will follow you like a homing projectile and deal damage upon contact.

Six platforms will appear and spikes will rise up to start the tenth wave. Your first enemy will be a Volt Twister. This type of enemy will try to avoid you by teleporting from place to another, its only attack is charging bolts of lightning then strike to wherever you are in the arena. Just try to attack it when it starts charging up for an attack, since it is when they're vulnerable. After defeating that, a Soul Twister will spawn. This type of enemy is almost similar to the Volt Twister, as it tries to teleport to evade any attacks you try to land on them, but this one summons orbs that either surrounds them or use it as a projectile to shoot you. After that, two more Volt Twisters and a Soul Twister will spawn. Defeat them to advance to the next wave.

The arena will now revert back to its original state for the eleventh wave. You'll only be fighting a Soul Twister and a Soul Warrior. Take out the Soul Twister first before dealing with the Soul Warrior.

The twelfth wave will start with the walls closing in. This will make it difficult for you to move around the arena. First you'll have to fight a Winged Fool and a Sturdy Fool. Two Lesser Mawleks will then show up afterwards, start swiping them with your nail as soon as they spawn in, as they can be difficult to deal with, considering their attacks are annoying. Another pair of Lesser Mawleks will spawn after defeating the first two, along with one Winged Fool. The last enemy that'll spawn is a Brooding Mawlek, this is a bigger version of the Lesser Mawlek, and has a bunch of other attacks. It'll spit more blobs at you and will try to swipe you with its claws if you get too close. It will also jump in the air and try to land you. It can also spit out multiple projectiles at once and can almost seem impossible to dodge. You can use your Shade Cloak here to dash through the projectiles and try to land an attack when you can.

The walls will start moving in a lot closer for the thirteenth wave. It's almost like you have no space to move around, then a Garpede will start to come at you from above. The walls will start to retract a little to let you dodge the incoming attack. You will then have to dodge 7 more Garpedes that will come crashing down at you from above. After dodging all of them, the next wave will begin shortly after.

The fourteenth wave may be the hardest wave in possible the hardest challenge within Hollow Knight. The walls will start to retract a bit and the spikes will rise back up. The only way for you not to fall down the spikes is by continuously wall-jumping off the wall and cling to it as long as possible, while trying to deal with the group of enemies that will spawn shortly after. First, you'll have to deal with the flying enemies, A Winged Fool and two Armoured Squits, followed by a Primal Aspid and another Armoured Squit, a Mantis Petra and four Battle Obbles, then lastly another pair of Winged Fools. Spells will save you during this wave, you won't be able to heal since you'll be stuck clinging to the walls while dealing with the enemies so might as well use your soul. Just be precise with your jumps, dashes, and nail-jumps to avoid mistiming and falling down the spikes.

For the fifteenth wave, the ceiling will lower, giving you less space to maneuver. This time you'll be facing off against two Armoured Squits. Dealing with them can be a bit tough at the moment especially with the enclosed space.

The sixteenth wave will start with the arena reverting back to its original state as the walls and ceiling recede, then platforms will appear. Now you'll be facing 14 Death Loodles, just be on your toes and dodge their attacks, they'll eventually kill themselves and hit the spikes below.

For the final wave, everything will be back to normal, no more spikes and platforms. You'll be facing off against a group of enemies during this wave before fighting the boss, God Tamer. You will encounter the group of enemies in this order: A Heavy Fool, a Sturdy Fool, a Mantis Traitor and a Winged Fool, Mantis Petra, Shielded Fool, Soul Twister, a Shielded Fool and a Volt Twister, a Heavy Fool, a pair of Sharp Baldurs and two Armoured Squits, another Heavy Fool, Winged Fool, a Shielded Fool, and finally a Sturdy Fool. After defeating all of these enemies, you'll now face the final boss of this challenge, which is the God Tamer. This boss is represented as a warrior on top of a slug-like beast, its only attack is jumping in the air and trying to hit you with its lance. The other problem is with its beast, while jumping in the air, the beast will spit out a goo of infection that remains on the ground for a few seconds. These blobs travel in three groups, one being close to The Beast, the second in the middle, and the third shooting at the farthest from the two. Once it lands on the ground, it will remain for a few seconds that deal damage upon contact. Then it can also curl into a ball revealing its shell, then rolls towards you. The beast is invulnerable to the Nail when it is curled up. It will only stop rolling if it either hits you or it hits a wall. You can bounce off its shell with a downward strike while it's curled up and spells can penetrate its armour that inflicts damage. Focus your attacks on the beast even knowing that the Tamer is an easy target. Once you've killed the beast, the God Tamer will simply give up, and this is how you complete the challenge. Upon completing the trial, you'll be awarded 2700 Geo and the Fool Trophy/Achievement. You can re-run the trial and will still be rewarded with 3000 Geo for each completion. 



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