Crystal Peak is a Location in Hollow Knight. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. The Crystal Peak is a big mountain that was once mined for its crystals. After The Infection spread, its workers still perform their tasks despite losing their very own sanity.


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Crystal Peak Walkthrough

The Path to the Crystal Peak

Once you've defeated the Soul Master at the Soul Sanctum, make your way back to Dirtmouth and purchase the Lumafly Lantern from Sly. From there, jump down into the well that will take you to the Forgotten Crossroads then head east, past the Temple of the Black Egg and into the next two sections. Continue heading east until you reach an opening you can drop down to. From here, there are two ways to enter the Crystal Peak. We'll first explain how to get there with the use of the Lumafly Lantern.

Once you're at the lower part of the section, go left, then head down into the exit by the gazebo-like structure, followed by going down one level and into the next section to your right. With the Lumafly Lantern, you'll now be able to see through the dark with the help of the item. Walk further east until you reach a toll machine that will require you to pay 50 Geo to unlock the gate in front of you.

Upon entering, you'll encounter new enemies below you which are 2x Glimback. Drop down to where the enemies are, kill it, then continue going right to find a cluster of geo. If you continue to your right, you can break the wall to continue onto the path leading to the Crystal Peak.

For the 2nd path, head back outside, then back up to the gazebo-like structure, followed by the previous section to your right. Once you've arrived, continue going right into the cave-like entrance that has a pink light. Continue going right then drop down into the opening to find an NPC named Myla, she is a miner similar to the other bugs who later on succumbs to The Infection as you progress through the game.

After talking to her, go back up, continue going right and hop onto the lift that will automatically go up once you stand on it. There is a Soul Totem that you can find in the middle level, if you need it, dash midway into the platform to find it at the left-hand side - when you're done, head to the top and go right into the next section.

From here, if you walk a bit further, you'll notice that the floor is breakable. This is another path that you can take by using the Desolate Dive spell. Upon using the spell, try to jump and dash to your right to find 1x Rancid Egg.

Finding a Bench

Assuming you've taken the path by breaking the floor with the Desolate Dive ability, head all the way down where you'll encounter a Glimback. From here, go east where you'll encounter platforms that are also conveyors. Jump across the conveyors and continue heading east where you'll encounter a Husk Miner and the bench at the very end.

Further into the Crystal Peak

When you're done resting, you'll want to head up to where the bench is and enter the next section. From here you'll encounter a Crystal Hunter, these beings are tricky since they will shoot a crystal and will expand into a cluster of crystal once it lands on any surface. After killing it, head up to the 3rd level to find 2x Husk Miner guarding 2x cluster of Geo that is covered in crystal. Once you're done, head up to the next level and proceed west into the next section.

You'll find yourself in a room where there are metal platforms. These platforms will flip over revealing the crystalized platform after a short moment once you jump on it, so be quick and make your way to the top left-hand side of the room to find 1x Rancid Egg. After collecting the item, head back to the room where the bench is, only this time you'll want to head left and climb up the walls towards the northwest and into the next section. Along the way, you'll also encounter a Husk Miner by a cluster of geo.

Upon arriving into the next section, you'll encounter a Glimback just above you and 2 more Husk Miner. Now ride the conveyor that's on the wall and proceed east where you'll see another Glimback. Kill it and continue going up where you'll now see walls that have spikes on it.

From the middle column, jump onto the conveyor and make your way around the spikes to reach the Grub that is on the top. You should be going counterclockwise to reach the Grub. Once you reach the grub, free it from the jar then hit the switch to unlock the gate in front of you and head up into the next section.

Now, you'll encounter a new enemy called a Crystal Crawler. These beings crawl around the surface and shoot out a laser beam for every 2-3 second's interval and are invulnerable to your basic attacks, the only way to kill these enemies is by using the Vengeful Spirit spell. Jump onto the platform above you first to find a cluster of Geo.

Finding Cornifer

After collecting the Geo, climb to the top and head to the northwestern side of the room where you'll find Cornifer. Along the way, you'll encounter more Crystal Crawler, spiked paths, and you'll also find pieces of paper scattered around which indicated that Cornifer is near.

Once you reach the top, head left where the sign is pointing and into the next section to find Cornifer. Speak to him to purchase a copy of the map of Crystal Peak for 112 Geo.

Obtain the Shopkeeper's Key

After buying the map from Cornifer, head back to the previous room and this time head up to the next section. You should find yourself in a section that seems to be where more of the Husk Miner is working, Glimback, and a new enemy called a Shardmite. Head to the left-hand side and make your way to the 2nd level where you'll notice a bench sign to your right, ignore that for the moment and continue climbing up the column where the Shardmite is until you reach the top northeastern side to find a chest that has the Shopkeeper's Key in it, you can give this key to Sly in Dirtmouth to unlock more items. Once you've collected the key, prepare for a boss battle and head back down to the platform that has a bench sign and head into the next section.

Boss Battle, Crystal Guardian

Once you're inside, you'll notice a creature sleeping on the bench. This is the Crystal Guardian and the only way for you to use the bench is to fight him. If you're ready to fight him, strike the guardian with the nail and he will wake up, prompting the gates to close and the boss battle to begin. You can click here to learn more about the strategies to defeat this boss. Once you defeat him, he will drop Geo and will leap up to a higher level. You can now use the Bench but you won't be able to reach him yet until you acquire the Monarch Wings ability - for now just save and replenish your health.

The Crystal Heart

From the arena of the Crystal Guardian, head to the right and into the next section to find a switch that will unlock the first gate. Once that's done, retrace your course back to where you found the Shopkeeper's Key and head to the top exit where you'll find Quirrel at the left overlooking the area. After speaking to him, head east at the very end until you reach the next section and then drop down into the opening - if you slide down onto the wall, you can dash towards the middle section where you'll encounter multiple Crystal Crawler, a cluster of Geo, and 1x Wanderer's Journal at the top left corner next to a corpse of a bug. Once you've collected the items, jump back onto the wall and climb up one level where you'll encounter 2x Husk Miner.

Clear the path and walk near the end where you'll come across a breakable floor, use the Desolate Dive ability where you'll find 2 more clusters of Geo and a Bluggsac containing 1x Rancid Egg that is being guarded by 2x Crystal Hunter. After collecting the items, climb back up and drop down onto the middle column towards the switch, hitting it will unlock the gate that is next to it.

Now, you'll want to slide down the wall where a Shardmite is crawling which is the one to your right, then head all the to the bottom where you'll find another switch to your left that will open a shortcut and another section to your right. Flip the switch then proceed east.

You'll now enter a section that has multiple elevated platforms and conveyors. Jump across the conveyors and then onto the platforms to your right, followed by clinging onto the wall that has a conveyor, be mindful and time your dashes right since you'll be passing through a path that has spikes. When you reach the top, you'll find a breakable wall to your left that has a SOUL totem - if you need to replenish SOUL, strike the totem to extract the SOUL from it.

When you're done, continue going east towards a path that has crystal beams shooting from the ceiling. Avoid it by dashing at the right time until you reach another end that has more elevated platforms and conveyors. Upon reaching the end, you'll find another SOUL totem that you can extract SOUL from.

Now, head to the bottom left and then go right until you reach the end of the wooden bridge where you'll find the Crystal Heart ability. Upon consuming the ability, the bridge next to you will collapse which will allow you to try out the new ability - with the Crystal Heart consumed, you'll now be able to traverse areas that have a long gap by concentrating energy and releasing it to blast forward and fly through the air. This can be executed while on the ground or if you are clinging onto a wall. The next location we'll need to head off to is the Crystalised Mound.

Acquiring the Deep Focus Charm

Before you head off to the Crystalised Mound, you can grab the Deep Focus charm which is located here. To get there, you'll have to retrace your course back to the section that leads to Cornifer, you'll find the entrance to the crystal cave at the west-hand side which is below the elevated platform that has a piece of paper on it. With the Crystal Heart ability, you'll now be able to cross the other end. However, the path is quite tricky since you'll have to time the ability right to avoid getting hit by the crystal beams. Eventually, you'll reach the west end side where you'll see another section. Enter it to find yourself inside a cave full of crystals - you'll find the Deep Focus charm at the bottom. You can head back to the entrance by going up and through the conveyor.

A Grub Mimic

You can rescue another Grub by heading to another path you can now cross. Make your way back to the section where you found Cornifer then use the Crystal Heart ability to get across, you'll have to continue traveling west until you reach the end that has a section that you can jump down below into and another section to your left which will take you back to Dirtmouth.

For now, you'll want to go down deeper into the cavern where you'll encounter 2x Crystal Hunter. Kill the enemies and continue going down to the bottom where you'll find a Grub trapped in a jar. Be cautious since this is an enemy that has the ability to mimic bugs, upon breaking the jar, it will reveal its true form, a Grub Mimic that will attack you once it's out of the jar. Once you kill it, walk to the wall to your right and hit it with The Nail to break it - follow the path, climb up to find the real Grub. Free it from the jar and head back up to the crystal cavern then proceed west to find a lift that can take you back to Dirtmouth.




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crystal peak map hollow knight wiki guide 300px

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