The Hive is a Location in Hollow Knight. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. The Hive is an area that consists of a large community of bees and warriors in which a queen ruled and eventually, grew large until it could no longer leave -  it was hidden away and was walled off from the kingdom of Hallownest to try and protect itself from the spread of The Infection.


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The Hive Walkthrough

Finding The Hive

To reach The Hive, you'll need to find the Tram Pass which is found at the Failed Tramway in the northeast side of Deepnest and you'll need to have the Vengeful Spirit spell and at least the Monarch Wings and Mantis Claw abilities for traversing the area. Once you have the Tram Pass, ride the tram and go to the eastern side of the map towards Kingdom's Edge. From the tram, head east until you see a few small bees called Hivelings flying around, this indicates that you're near the entrance. Just behind the bees is a breakable wall which can only be destroyed by using the Vengeful Spirit spell - use the spell to open up the path that will take you to The Hive.

Into The Hive

Upon respectively arriving into The Hive, continue pushing through by going northeast into the next section, then drop all the way to the bottom, and then head west to find a bench. When you're done resting, continue pressing onto the east side of the area until you reach the elevated platforms.

You'll encounter enemies such as a Husk Hive that spawns a couple of the Hiveling enemies upon death and a Hive Soldier that tracks the movement of The Knight before it attacks aggressively. From the elevated platforms, make your way to the top and then go west into the next section.

Now, you should find yourself in a room where you'll encounter a new enemy by the elevated platforms called a Hive Guardian which are these overgrown bees that will aggressively charge towards The Knight's position and bounce off of surfaces. You'll have to make your way to the topmost part of the area then proceed east and then drop all the way to the bottom part of the room. At the bottom, there is a secret room behind a breakable wall which is at the lower west part of the room. You'll need to bait a Hive Guardian to charge onto the wall for it to break - if you've successfully done it, you'll find 1x Mask Shard inside the secret room.

From the secret room, head east, then about midway, jump onto the platforms and continue heading east where you'll encounter a path that is blocked by two breakable walls, you can destroy it with The Nail. Keep going to the right where you'll encounter more breakable walls until you reach the arena for the area's main boss, The Hive Knight.

Boss Battle, Hive Knight

Upon stepping inside the arena, the gates will close on both sides, the ground will start to shake, multiple Hiveling will start to fly down from the ceiling, and the Hive Knight will appear. The Hive Knight has 800 health and most of his attacks are ground-based attacks. You can click here to learn more about the strategies on how to defeat this boss.

Once you've defeated the Hive Knight, the gates will re-open and you can continue into the next room that is on your right. Follow the path down and through the spiked pit where you'll find the Hiveblood charm at the end of the path. This charm can be helpful since it transforms The Knight's masks of health into golden nectars that allow The Knight to recover one golden health mask over time without using FOCUS and SOUL.



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the hive map hollow knight wiki guide 300px

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