Ancestral Mound is a Location in Hollow Knight. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. Ancestral Mound is a sub-area found in the Forgotten Crossroads where a shaman resides.


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Ancestral Mound Walkthrough

Meet the Snail Shaman

Upon defeating the False Knight, a path that leads to a sub-area called the Ancestral Mound will be unlocked. Follow the path with the torches until you reach the top that leads to the Ancestral Mound. Here, you'll encounter an NPC called Snail Shaman, speak to him and he will provide you with the Vengeful Spirit spell - upon consuming it, The Knight will lose consciousness and you'll be locked in.

Once you've awakened, speak to the Snail Shaman who is resting next to you where he will ask you a task in exchange for the gift he provided which is to kill a beast that is found deeper in the area. Continue going west until you reach the end then head to the top left side part of the area.

As you continue through the path, you'll eventually come across a wooden barricade that you can break. Destroy it to enter another part of the area where you can find a Soul Totem that you can recover SOUL from. Continue heading left where you'll be heading clockwise where you'll find a Lifeblood Cocoon at the top, strike it and the blobs it secretes to obtain 2x Lifeblood Mask.

The Elder Baldur

After collecting the Lifeblood blobs, continue going right and break the wooden platforms that will lead you to the beast the Snail Shaman mentioned. This isn't a boss battle but just a strong enemy which is an Elder Baldur. To defeat it, you'll have to walk up a bit and wait for it to stand back up from it's curled position and then attack it using the Vengeful Spirit spell. If you stand too close it will curl back into a ball making it invulnerable to all of your attacks. It'll take about 4 hits from the Vengeful Spirit for it to die.

Once you've killed the beast, continue going left where you can obtain the Soul Catcher charm. Now jump on the wooden platform and destroy it to drop back down to where the Snail Shaman is, talk to him and the gate will open.

Leave the Ancestral Mound and head back to the central area of the Forgotten Crossroads and head to the mid-top-left side of the section which will lead you to the next location, Greenpath. You'll know it's the entrance to the area since there are bushes surrounding it.



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forgotten crossroads map hollow knight wiki guide 300px

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Trivia & Notes:

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      while i was trying to pogo vengeflys to access the whispering root early, i noticed one of the geo caches kept respawning whenever i left the room and came back.
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