Little Fool


Location Colosseum of Fools

Little Fool is an NPC in Hollow Knight. Little Fool is a chained bug who served under Lord Fool and is the Colosseum's warden.

Little Fool Information

Little Fool can be found chained upside down at the Colosseum of Fools. He served under Lord Fool and mentions that his past failures are what led him to be restrained in chains. Little Fool serves as the colosseum's warden who explains the rules of the Colosseum and unlocks three different trials in exchange for Geo.

  • Location: Little Fool Can be found at the Colosseum of Fools.
  • Combat: Players may not kill Little Fool.


Associated Quests

  • N/A


Little Fools' Trials

Trial Price (Geo)
Trial of the Warrior 100
Trial of the Conqueror 450
Trial of the Fool 800



Aha! Another warrior finds their way to our fair Colosseum. Ours is the final destination for all seeking trials of intense and deadly combat.

All one has to do is place their mark upon their Trial Board of choice and lo! The arena's gate will open.

There's a small fee attached to each trial, but I'm sure as skilled a combatant as yourself will have accrued a wealth of Geo.

Now, before you draw your nail and rush eagerly to battle, I'll offer one quick word of advice.

There's a warriors' pit just below here, where others like yourself await their own trials. I'd strongly advise using it to rest up before placing your mark.

Oh and have no doubt, I'm a fearsome warrior myself. Don't go judging me by my size, or my current... errr... constraint.

The Colosseum beckons us both! I'll be back in battle soon.


Notes & Tips

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    • The Colosseum of Fools is over-the-top barbaric, and you know things have gone completely out of control when the warden himself has been chained up. Seems Little Fool (aptly named) doesn’t have much power, though he tries desperately to convince you that he’s still got a grasp on everything - but the place has clearly been taken over by all those brutes. They probably took over after Lord Fool died. Complete anarchy now, and Colosseums are bad enough even with a supervisor. I’d love to know more about the history of the Colosseum and the evil Lord Fool sitting crumpled and dead on his throne. It was planned in the DLC... which we will now never get, sadly...

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