Fog Canyon is a Location in Hollow Knight. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. The Fog Canyon is a small area that is filled with fog, bubbles, acid water, and jellyfish-like enemies. It is also the home of one of the Dreamers, Monomon the Teacher.


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Fog Canyon Walkthrough

Millibelle the Banker

There are multiple ways to gain access into the Fog Canyon, but for this walkthrough, it is recommended that you enter the Fog Canyon from the lower side of the Fungal Wastes. Upon arriving, head west where you'll find a sign pointing to your left. This path will take you to an NPC called Millibelle the Banker, speak to her and she will offer her services of depositing your Geo for safe-keeping. But in order to do that, you'll need to pay 100 Geo to open up an account. The maximum amount you can deposit is 4500 Geo, however, if you deposit about 2500 Geo and more she'll leave her post with your deposited Geo. You can click here to learn more about this side quest. When you're done, head back outside and go up north until you reach the top and then west into the path that will take you to a sub-area called the Overgrown Mound *** about midway, you can also find an opening to your left that will take you back to the Queen's Gardens.

Acquiring the Howling Wraiths

Upon reaching the top west side, you'll find yourself in a section that has acid water at the bottom and these jellyfish-type enemies called an Uoma and Ooma. You'll want to continue heading west, then up the top, and then into the next section to your left about midway.

Now you should find yourself in a section with more platforming that has paths filled with thorns and Charged Lumaflies scattered around. As you continue heading west, you'll notice a cavern that you can enter from above, you'll find a Lifeblood Cocoon and 1x Hallownest Seal next to the corpses. Obtain the item and the lifeblood masks, then head back down and continue going west.

Now, the path will be blocked as you continue going left, so you'll have to climb up to work your way around in order to reach the entrance to the Overgrown Mound. Once you're inside, simply follow the path until you reach the eastern end where you'll find the corpse of the cousin of the Snail Shaman and obtain the Howling Wraiths spell - with this, you can return to the west bottom part of The Abyss to upgrade the spell into the Abyss Shriek - once you have the ability, retrace your steps back to the section where there are Uoma and Ooma.

Finding Cornifer

Upon returning to the previous section, head up two platforms and then go left into the next section. You should find yourself in section with elevated platforms, acid water at the bottom, and more Uoma and Ooma enemies. As you continue heading east, you'll encounter a stream of void that's blocking your way, but with the Shade Cloak ability, you should be able to phase through. Take the exit above you to find Cornifer and speak to him to buy a copy of the map for 150 Geo.

Secret Rooms

From Cornifer's location, head east into the next section where you'll encounter more Uoma blocking your path, and Ooma floating by the acid water. Clear the Uoma filled path and try to avoid the Ooma until you reach the next portion. You should find yourself again in another section that has elevated platforms with Charged LumafliesUoma, and Ooma. Head up and then just about midway you'll find a secret entrance to the left.

You'll need to follow the path while dealing with the Uoma, Ooma, and also these egg-like structures that are scattered around the paths which explode upon contact. You'll find a Charm Notch at the end of the path if you are able to get through.

Once that's done, head back to the previous section, go all the way down to the bottom part, and head west into the next portion of the area. Continue heading west through the Uoma and Ooma that are blocking your path until you reach the next section. Now, before you head down, use the Crystal Heart ability to super dash across the other end where you'll find a Grub - free the Grub then head to the bottom part of the section where you'll find the entrance to the Teacher's Archives. Before entering, a breakable wall shortcut can be found just to the left.



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fog canyon map hollow knight wiki guide 300px

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