Grubfather's Lament


Reward/s Geo
Location Forgotten Crossroads
Prerequisite/s Speak to the Grubfather.

Grubfather's Lament is a Quest in Hollow Knight. Quests can provide rewards from items, unlocking Trophies/Achievements, and uncovering more information to the lore. Quests can only be activated by speaking to NPCs.



Grubfather's Lament Objectives


Grubfather's Lament Locations


Grubfather's Lament Walkthrough

grubfathers-location-hollow-knight-wiki-guide-600pxGrubfather's location in the Forgotten Crossroads.

There are two ways to freely start this quest, one is by visiting the Grubfather in the Forgotten Crossroads, or by randomly finding all 46 Grubs he mentions and to visit him later on. Whichever you prefer this walkthrough will focus on obtaining the Collector's Map which will show you all the locations of the grubs scattered around the map.

Location of the Love Key in the Queen's Gardens.

First thing you will need is to obtain the Love Key that is found at the south-eastern end of Queen's Gardens, you will need to have Isma's Tear in order to swim into the acid pool that is in between your path. Once you've acquired the ability and have passed the acid pool, you'll find the key at the end of the passage next to a corpse - collect the key and make your way to the Tower of Love located in between Kingdom's Edge and the King's Station.

the-collectors-location-hollow-knight-wiki-guide-600pxPassage to get into the Tower of Love.

Now, from the King's Station it may look like you can come in from the bottom and climb your way to the top, but that path is blocked and currently locked. So you will have to take an alternate path which is by going around Kingdom's Edge and entering from the second level of the Tower of Love as indicated above.


Upon entering the area, you will find a locked door where the Love Key is required to unlock it. Before moving forward, make sure to drop down the path next to the door to find a switch that will unlock the blocked path that you encountered earlier from the King's Station - this will make it easier for you to get into the area in case you respawn from dying from a boss battle. After that's done, you can head back up from the unlocked door and follow the path until you reach a boss The Collector.


From here, a boss battle will begin between The Knight and The Collector. His attacks consist of countless fast hopping around the area and jumps into the roof where he will throw down his "collection" with enemies in it. You will be able to know which part of the arena he will throw the jars and eventually jumps back down by looking at the ceiling where dust will start to appear. Avoid where the jars will fall off, kill the weak enemies first, then attack The Collector, rinse and repeat until you successfully defeat him.


After killing The Collector, the gate at the eastern side will unlock allowing you to continue forward. Climb up the path, where you will find three Grubs and at the end of the path will be the Collector's Map - acquiring the map will place pins of the location of undiscovered Grubs around the area which will save you a lot of time exploring the area.


Once you've cleared the map of Grubs, head back to the Grubfather to claim your rewards, it doesn't matter if you head back to the Grubfather to claim your rewards while rescuing all of the Grubs or if you've rescued all 46 of them since it will still end with him giving you the rewards you deserve - a table with the Grub's location and rewards will be listed below. Now, after rescuing all Grubs and claiming all your rewards, you can leave the area, rest at a bench and when you return to the Grubhome, you will find the Grubfather has consumed all of the Grubs and is lying on his back stuffed. Dream nailing him will reveal that he is "happy" with finding all of them and consuming them, although it is unclear the reason behind him eating the little ones, is it simply because he is hungry? Or he used himself like a cocoon for the grubs development of growing into its next stage.

This marks the completion of the quest and unlocks the Trophies/Achievements Grubfriend for rescuing half of the Grubs and Metamorphosis for rescuing all 46 Grubs.


Grubs Location and Rewards

Location Reward
5 can be found in the Forgotten Crossroads. hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon10
Mask Shard
4 can be found in Greenpath hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon50
2 can be found in Fungal Wastes Grubsong
5 can be found in the City of Tears hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon100
Rancid Egg
7 can be found in Crystal Peak hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon140
Hallownest Seal
1 can be found in Resting Grounds hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon200
3 can be found in Royal Waterways hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon200
1 can be found in Howling Cliffs hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon220
2 can be found in Kingdom's Edge hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon220
1 can be found in Fog Canyon Pale Ore
3 can be found in Queen's Gardens hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon230
5 can be found in Deepnest hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon245
King's Idol
2 can be found in Ancient Basin hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon265
2 can be found in The Hive hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon280
3 can be found in the Tower of Love hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon295
Grubberfly's Elegy


Grubfather's Lament Notes & Notable Loot

  • There are other Grubs found in a jar that seems to be another creature that mimics a Grub and attacks The Knight if you free it. To identify if it is a Grub, you can hit it first with a Dream Nail which will reveal a dialogue. If it is a Grub, it will normally say "...Home..." while a hostile Grub will say "...Kill...", "...Empty..." or "....Other..."



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