Quirrel is one of the first NPCs you will meet in the kingdom of Hallownest. First found in the Black Egg Temple, you can find him in various other places around the map. He is a pill-bug who is known as an explorer, as well as a very intelligent scholar who knows much about Hallownest. Quirrel is also extremely skilled at wielding a nail. He acts as a kindhearted and optimistic guide to the Knight, appearing in various locations throughout the Kingdom.

Quirrel Information

Just like the Knight, Quirrel is an amnesiac and doesn't remember Hallownest, or his unknown association with Monomon the Dreamer, despite being a part of it in the past. His past is shrouded in mystery that is not made clear in the game. Quirrel is very enigmatic, though incredibly kindhearted, optimistic, and helpful to those he meets, including the Knight, who he guides. He has a calm and peaceful disposition, and although he wields a sharp nail and is an extremely skilled warrior and nail-wielder, he is pacifistic and only ever fights to protect himself and others (such as the Knight when he assists him). Quirrel wears Monomon's mask on his head for the majority of the game, but takes it off to undo the Teacher’s seal after helping the Knight defeat Uumuu. Shortly after this event, Quirrel remembers small parts of his past. Though he is still amnesic about his past and his association with the kingdom of Hallownest, he remains very much at peace, and very optimistic about his adventures, and admits that he is happy and astonished to witness the Knight’s prowess and to journey through Hallownest yet again. He mysteriously vanishes from Hallownest after his final appearance at the Blue Lake where all that remains is his nail. 

  • Location: Quirrel can initially be found at the Black Egg Temple.
  • Progression: Quirrel moves to Greenpath (The Lake of Unn), Queen’s Station, the Mantis Village, the City of Tears, Deepnest (hot-spring), Crystal Peak, then to the Teacher's Archives in Fog Canyon, and finally at the Blue Lake. 
  • Combat: Players may not kill Quirrel.
  • Rewards: Quirrel does not give the player any rewards, but assists in the battle with Uumuu.




  • "Hello there! How delightful to meet another traveller on these forgotten roads. You're a short one, but you have a strong look about you. I'm Quirrel. I have something of an obsession with uncharted places."
  • "Plenty have come before us and met their grisly end, many more equipped than you and I. I'm sure they wouldn't mind were a fellow explorer to relieve them of their tools. It's a kindness really. the dead shouldn't be burdened with such things."
  • "Has she called you here, too?"

Notes & Tips

  • Sitting beside Quirrel in silence after the player's final interaction with him grants you the "Witness" achievement, due to Quirrel being a major witness to the Knight’s prowess. If you leave the room, Quirrel will disappear and his nail will be left behind. 
  • When fighting Uumuu in the Teacher's Archives, this boss will only be vulnerable when Quirrel lets out a yell and attacks it with his nail. 



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