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Location Junk Pit

Godseeker is an NPC added in the DLC of Hollow Knight, Godmaster. Godseeker is a massive beetle-like bug who seeks supreme beings. She creates a dream of her own called Godhome, and appears in a different form while seen there.


Godseeker Information

Godseeker is an arrogant bug who believes that she appears godly. She is accompanied by a clan of Godseekers. She came from the Land of Storms where she served two thunder and lightning gods. Eventually she and the other Godseekers had to flee the land to seek another deity, as their gods have forsaken them.

During the Godseeker's questline it's revealed that she used the Godtuner to integrate the minds of the strongest and fiercest creatures into Godhome, where they are offered to become “gods” and prove their might in battle. At some point the Godseeker was forced to go into a state of hibernation, chained in a cocoon that was washed down to the Royal Waterways.

Godseeker’s cocoon can be found at the Junk Pit. It's unlocked by a Simple Key. Once you open it, Godseeker will be freed, dropping the Godtuner. She only awakens when each Pantheon is completed. At first she is angry at The Knight for intruding upon her slumber, but as they continue to prove their strength in the pantheons, she begins to encourage them.

  • Location: Godseeker Can be found at Junk Pit and Godhome.
  • Combat: Players may not kill Godseeker.
  • Rewards: Unlocks the Embrace the Void Achievement/Trophy after ascending the Pantheon of Hallownest. Getting the Delicate Flower variation of this ending unlocks the same achievement.


Associated Quests

  • N/A



Creeper. Dost thou see it? Shining. Brilliant. Our Godtuner.

Thou covet the Godtuner. Desire beyond desire! Take it then, for We have ascended beyond it. No need for such an instrument.


Notes & Tips

  • Godseekers have the ability to focus their thoughts and create a world inside their dreams that can also be passed over to other Godseekers. All other Godseekers combined their dreams into this Godseeker. You can find the others inside Godhome.
  • There is a 2% chance upon dream-nailing Godseeker to enter one of her memories. She will cast out the Knight in annoyance when approached in this memory.



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    • I absolutely love Godseeker. I think he’s a Goliath Beetle - he highly resembles this type of massive bug and he’s definitely a scarab beetle. He’s basically a time-traveler from the past, binding himself into a literal time-capsule. Again, like Zote and Oro, he’s a lovable grouch, irritable, fancying himself a higher being seeking other higher beings. I find him so amusing and endearing, especially his disgruntled archaic dialogue. “Thou crawler, thou cringer! Smallest of the small!”

      At first he is displeased by the Knight, calling him “Crawler” and seeing him as a lower life-form not worth his time - but as you progress through his pantheons, he gains a bit of respect for the little guy and is astonished by his power to defeat all of the “gods” he has assembled - though he expresses it in his typical quirky irritable way.
      I think it’s sweet how he humbles himself a bit and takes the Delicate Flower when it is given to him by the Knight, even though he expresses outwardly that he is downright confused by the gesture and feels it isn’t bright and godly enough to meet his ultra high standards. My heart breaks for him, as he is truly confused from remaining in his cocoon for so long, washed into the Junk Pit of dying Hallownest, and seemingly too big to move... Though he detects “gods” (higher beings) abound in Hallownest, he really doesn’t know where he is - he’s lost in the past, his own little dimension, the kingdom in his dreams that he still rules upon a gilded throne as he truly sits amidst ruins...

      Then he sacrifices his life (unknowingly?), consumed by the Void as he enables the Knight as Shade Lord (his ultimate form?) to do battle with Absolute Radiance and defeat it, destroying the Infection. My heart breaks to see that scene where Void is oozing out of Godseeker’s physical body as he sits hunched over in the Junk Pit; it looks like he’s crying Void from his tears, and he appears confused and sad as he is consumed by it... Or perhaps he isn’t sad - perhaps he’s in a strange state of euphoria to become one with Shade Lord and the Void? Or the Void cancels out all feeling? Perhaps being consumed by the Void isn’t painful, just rather gloomy, as he’s being sent down into limbo, like the underworld. Then the Delicate Flower absorbs the massive beetle as it takes in the Void, so his spirit then lives within its petals. Hey, maybe Godseeker will keep all the little Shade Siblings company after taken by the Void? That’s a lot of “crawlers” to keep up with! :)

      Godseeker is fascinating, endearing, and a pivotal character who I would l love to see get more of a backstory aside from those little mysterious snippets we get from the game. Is he truly all of the “Godseekers” assimilated into one massive being? I like his deep, ethereal-sounding voice of many voices, and his deep monk-like chant. His true chubby huge form is the best, in my opinion, compared to his mummified-looking dream-form. I guess he metamorphosed after eons of being trapped inside his cocoon. Is it just me, or does he sound like Quirrel sometimes? I think the same voice actor voices Godseeker.

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