Queen's Gardens is a Location in Hollow Knight. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. The Queen's Gardens is an area that is filled with plantlike enemies, narrow passageways filled with thorns and a lush green background. It was once a garden that was being taken care of by The White Lady but has become a base for the Traitor Lord and its followers.


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Queen's Gardens Walkthrough

Into the Queen's Gardens

To get to the Queen's Gardens, head to the western part of the map and enter the area via the Fog Canyon. Upon arriving, head west towards the Mosscreep and Spiny Husk enemies, drop to the bottom, then east where you'll find yourself trapped inside a mini-arena. You'll have to clear out two waves of Mantis Petra for the gates to re-open then continue heading northeast into the next section where Cornifer is.

As soon as you enter, you'll hear Cornifer's voice. You'll have to work your way around to reach him, so continue heading west, then work your way around to reach him. Speak to him to purchase a copy of the map for 150 Geo - continue going left where you'll also find a bench that you can use.

Acquire the Love Key

When you're done, head back outside and then drop down to where the pits with thorns are. You'll need to unlock the gate that is on your right to reach the area where the Love Key is, so for now, head left through the path with thorns where you'll find the lever that will unlock the gate at the bottom. Be careful when you're platforming since there is a Fool Eater that is burrowed into the ground and walls that will attack you once you are standing on top of it. Upon reaching the lever, flip it, then continue going east to make it around back to the locked gate - you can now enter the path which leads to the Love Key.

Once you're in, simply head east then down southeast until you enter a room that has Mossflies flying around. From here you'll want to jump to your right where you'll find a small cluster of Geo and a narrow path that has acid water in it. Collect the geo and swim through the acid water where you'll encounter 2x Mantis Traitor guarding the area, you'll have to kill both of the enemies to unlock the gate behind them where you'll be able to acquire the Love Key that is lying next to a big corpse of a bug - upon acquiring the key, another Mantis Traitor will appear.

When you're done, head back to the previous section then look to the lower left to find a Whispering Root tree. Strike it with the Dream Nail for the Essence to burst out, collect it and try to follow it until you reach the southwestern part of the room, enter the opening to your left to reach the next section.

The Second Bench

You should now find yourself in a section with multiple metal platforms, a spiked pit at the bottom, and Mossflies alongside Mantis Petras flying around. Head west until you reach the entrance of the next section, just be careful when platforming since the metal platforms will flip down after a second once you jump on it and the flying mantis will constantly attack you while you try to cross. Continue heading west until you reach a toll machine that requires 150 Geo to unlock the bench - when you're done head back to the previous section where the bench sign is.

*** The path that you can drop down into near the bench can take you back to Deepnest.

The Path to Marmu

Once you've returned back to the section where the bench sign is, climb up the wall to enter the next section. You'll notice at the top right that there is a sign of a stag station that is pointing east. Follow it and you'll be locked inside a mini-arena where you'll have to fight three waves of enemies including a Mantis Petra, Mantis Traitor, and Spiny Husk. After clearing the last wave, the gates will re-open.

Continue head east, the go up towards the Mossflies are, then west through another path that is filled with thorns. Now, before heading up into the next section, continue going to your left to find a small cluster of geo and a secret room at the end where you can find a trapped Grub. Free it then continue into the next section that is above - once you arrive, you'll notice that the door to your left which leads into the Stag Station is locked, so you'll need to make your way around by going up then left into the next section followed by going southeast until you reach a monument of a warrior dream called Marmu.

Boss Battle, Marmu

When you walk up to the monument, Marmu's spirit will appear above. At this point, you'll want to fight any dream warrior you can encounter in order to gain Essence and to obtain the Awoken Dream Nail. Speak to Marmu and challenge him to start the battle. Fighting him is easy since he only has one attack in which he curls up into a ball and charges in try to get close to you. It is recommended to have the Mark of Pride charm equipped to increase the range of The Nail allowing you to land your hits from further away. By doing so, it will also knock him back each time he gets hit. You can click here to learn more about the strategies on how to defeat Marmu.

Once you've defeated this warrior spirit, speak to him again to acquire 150 Essence. Now, continue heading east at the top to find a secret entrance that will take you to the Stag Station. Approach the toll machine and pay 200 Geo to unlock it then rest at the bench next to it to save your game and prepare for the main boss of this location - also, don't forget to flip the switch to your right to unlock a shortcut.

The Path to the Traitor Lord

From the Stag Station, head east, then climb all the way to the top and then head east again into the next section where you'll find a lever that removes a blockage that's on the ground next to it. Continue heading east from the lever, then climb up again, then west into a section where you'll need to do a lot of platforming again to get across and to avoid getting hit by the thorns.

Once you're through, you'll come across an entrance to your left which will lead you to where the Traitor Lord is. However, before doing so, you can take a detour, and head up to where the Spiny Husk and Mantis Petra is until you reach the gazebo-like structure which is at the top. When you reach it, you can break the glass on your left to open up the path which leads to another Grub. You'll have to cling onto the walls to climb and use the Crystal Heart ability to get across one end to the other. Just be careful since there is a Mossfly flying around the path. After rescuing the Grub, head back to the previous section and then head left to where the Traitor Lord is.

You should find yourself inside a section where a stream of void is blocking your path. But with the Shade Cloak ability that you've gained earlier, you can easily phase through the stream and continue through the spiked path until you reach the arena of the Traitor Lord. Upon arriving, the gates will close and you'll have to fight and kill two waves of Mantis Traitors before the Traitor Lord appears.

Boss Battle, Traitor Lord

The battle with the Traitor Lord will start once he appears after killing two waves of the Mantis Traitors. This battle will be quite difficult and challenging since he has been buffed in an update that was previously released which gives him 800 HP, two melee attacks and 2 ranged attacks. You can click here to learn more about the strategies on how to defeat this boss. Upon defeating the Traitor Lord, the gates will re-open and you'll be able to gain access to The White Lady's chamber.

The White Lady

From the arena of the Traitor Lord, head west where you'll find the chamber of The White Lady. Head inside and go through the path where you'll find The White Lady herself, a root-like non-insect being, who is wrapped in a shell-like cocoon that resembles tree bark. Speak to her and she will provide The Knight half of the Kingsoul charm. This marks the completion of this location, up next is Fog Canyon.

*** You can also head back to the eastern side of the City of Tears and use the Love Key to unlock a sub-area called the Tower of Love.



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queens gardens map hollow knight wiki guide 300px

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