Kingdom's Edge is a Location in Hollow Knight. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. Located at the far eastern part of Hallownest near the King's Pass. Kingdom's Edge is an ashen place where white ash constantly pours down which comes from a massively deceased Wyrm. 


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Kingdom's Edge Walkthrough

Getting to the Kingdom's Edge

There are two ways to reach the Kingdom's Edge, first is via the tram from the Ancient Basin or by taking the route from the City of Tears. For this walkthrough, we'll take the path via the tram. From here, head east and then head up to the top of the cavern then east again until you come across a breakable wall that will respectively take you to Kingdom's Edge.

Rescue the Grubs

There are two sections that you can find that will take you to the location of two nearby grubs. First, from the entrance leading to Kingdom's Edge, there's a breakable floor next to where you broke the wall which opens up a path to The Hive. Upon arriving at The Hive, you can find one Grub on the west side of the room. The second grub can be found at the topmost cavern of the room before the entrance of Kingdom's Edge where you can find an exit that leads to the Royal Waterways. If you continue climbing to the top, you'll come across a cluster of crystal which prompts you to use the Crystal Heart ability. Use it to super dash, then stop halfway where you'll see a Hwurmp. From here, climb up the passage that will lead you to where the second Grub is - once you've rescued the two grubs, head back to the entrance of Kingdom's Edge.

Finding Cornifer

First, you'll need to acquire a copy of the map. As soon as you enter, you'll notice a piece of paper on the ground. Follow the trail that will lead you to the northwestern part of the area where you'll find Cornifer inside a small room. Speak to him to buy a copy of the map for 112 Geo.

Nailmaster Oro

Once you've acquired the map, drop back down to the acid water and go right into the next section that leads to Nailmaster Oro. Here, you'll encounter Hoppers, Primal Aspids and 3x Great Hopper as you continue heading east. Eventually, you'll reach a bench and Nailmaster Oro's hut at the end. Enter the hut and speak to Nailmaster Oro to learn the Dash Slash Nail Art. But in order to master it, you'll have to pay 800 Geo - when you're done head back outside and go right from the bench to find a training dummy and a SOUL Totem and the east end.

A Secret Path

From the SOUL Totem, walk back a little near the training dummy where you'll come across a breakable ground. Use Desolate Dive to break through the ground and into the cavern below. You'll find another SOUL Totem to your left and a yet another breakable ground just next to it, break through the ground again to dive deeper into the cavern where you'll encounter 2x Hopper.

From here, go west then head to the top to find another SOUL Totem to your right and another breakable ground to your left close to the end. Breakthrough the ground until you reach the lair of a Great Hopper. From here, you'll want to head east until you reach the end where you'll find a trapped Grub - quickly break the jar and dash back down to avoid getting hit by the spiked rocks that will fall down from the ceiling.

After rescuing the Grub, head back down and hug the wall to your right where you can find a breakable wall. Destroy it to open up a path that leads to an opening of another cavern that you can enter, be sure you have enough SOUL since you'll be using the Desolate Dive ability multiple times to reach the deepest bottom part of the area. At the end of the path, you'll find a huge deposit of Geo that grants you 420 Geo (nice) - once you're done, climb back up and retrace your course back to the spiked path where you encountered the Great Hopper and head west into the next section.

Obtain the Quick Slash Charm

Upon entering the next section, head west where you'll find a Great Hopper and Primal Aspids. Fight your way through the Great Hopper then continue up the elevated platforms until you reach about midway to find a door to your right. Go inside where you'll find the Quick Slash charm on the altar of the ancient nailsmith, now leave and continue heading to the top.

A Second Encounter with Hornet

Next, you'll have to look for Hornet. But before doing so, you're going to have to take a detour and find a few secret paths. Upon reaching the top, break through the wall and head northwest at the top corner of the room where you'll find a small cluster of geo and the next section above.

Upon entering the next section head left, the path on the right, however, leads to another dream warrior named Markoth. But in order to get through, you'll need to acquire the Shade Cloak ability to pass through the stream of void that's blocking the path. So, for now, head left, climb up the ledges and head into the next section at the top northeastern side.

Now, there is a secret path that leads to a Grub. To get there, head east, dash through the spiked pit and break the wall ahead of you to open up the path. Now climb up the wall while avoiding the spikes. Once you get to the top, you'll see 1x Primal Aspid patrolling the area, kill it first then proceed to your left where you'll find the trapped Grub. After that's done, head back to where you entered, head up, then east, then up again where you'll find a bent bench sign. You'll have to hit the ceiling to destroy it which will open up the section that will take you outside where the bench is. You can also pick up 1x Wanderer's Journal just next to the corpse of a bug.

When you're done, head back down then east until you see Hornet. Follow her into the next section and then drop all the way down which will take you to the arena where Hornet  awaits

Boss Battle, Hornet

Once you approach her, a short dialogue will follow and the battle will begin afterward. This will be your second encounter with Hornet - she'll be using the same attacks that she was doing during the first encounter, however, she'll have an additional attack where she throws out multiple star-liked needles around the arena. You can counter this by hitting it with The Nail to clear it out. In addition to this, she'll also have more health, about 700 HP. You can click here to learn more about the strategies on how to defeat her.

After she is defeated, she will retreat and the gates will re-open. Continue to the right then down until you reach the exterior of what seems to look like the head of The Pale King. Head inside where you'll respectively arrive in a sub-area called the Cast-Off Shell - at the end, you'll find the King's Brand that will allow you access into the next location, The Abyss.



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kingdoms edge map hollow knight wiki guide 300px

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