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Location Kingdom's Edge

Bardoon is an NPC in Hollow Knight. Bardoon is an enormous grub-like caterpillar that climbed the top of Kingdom's Edge to escape the plague of The Infection.


Bardoon Information

Bardoon is a giant caterpillar- or grub-like bug that is first found sleeping in Kingdom's Edge. He has a humongous body, large enough to where it can be seen from the background. He mentions to The Knight that he doesn't mind if you hit his tail; striking it will cause him to laugh. Bardoon is an intelligent and very wise, kindhearted bug who prefers to avoid any trouble. He was able to escape The Infection and avoid the hostile bugs by climbing the top of Kingdom's edge.

  • Location: Bardoon Can be found at Kingdom's Edge
  • Combat: Players may not kill Bardoon.


Associated Quests

  • N/A



Ohrm... Tiny thing. You climb high. Seek then knowledge of these lands?

This ashen place is grave of Wyrm. Once told, it came to die. But what is death for that ancient being? More transformation methinks.

This failed kingdom is product of the being spawned from that event.


Notes & Tips

  • Bardoon can take a hit from the Nail without taking damage. His massive round tail can be struck, to which he can be heard laughing as he is tickled. He will mention this, asking the Knight if they are the one bothering his tail, and say that he doesn’t mind.
  • He is also one of the NPCs that become aware if players try to strike him with a Dream Nail.



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    • Bardoon bears a striking resemblance to a huge beetle grub. (A real-life grub that is, not the green caterpillars that are called “grubs” in HK - why are Team Cherry so confused about insect larva?) Despite being called a “caterpillar” by one iffy source, Bardoon honestly doesn’t look like a true caterpillar at all. Beetle grubs are pale-whitish in colour, segmented, extremely plump with stubby limbs, and chunky, rounded tails. Larger beetle grubs are known to grow to incredible sizes (e.g. as large as a human hand), bigger than any caterpillar, and end up growing larger than their adult beetle stage. His little face, too... I personally think Bardoon is the grub of a very large beetle and he hasn’t metamorphosed yet. Certain large beetles stay in their grub (larval) phase for over a year, and undergo several molts as they grow larger and fatter before entering their pupa phase.

      Also, I love his joyful tickled laugh when his plump tail is struck. Anyone else just like to tickle him for fun now and then, and visit him? He’s an endearing, mysterious, and a wise fellow. :)

      “Ohrm... Tiny thing. Is that you bothering about my tail?”

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