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Location Forgotten Crossroads

Myla is an NPC in Hollow Knight. Myla is a cheerful miner bug who enjoys singing dirges and is keen on finding treasure.


Myla Information

Myla is a miner bug who is identical to the Infected Husk Miners found working in Crystal Peak - yet she does not appear to be Infected and seems to still have her sanity and sapience. She also does not have a sinister telltale orange glow in her eyes. She has a bit of a stutter when she talks. She can be encountered near the entrance to Crystal Peak in the Forgotten Crossroads, mining and joyfully singing dirges. Myla possesses a gleeful, optimistic personality, is very friendly toward the Knight, and enjoys their company, wanting them to sing and mine for treasures with her.

After the Knight acquires the Vengeful Spirit and Desolate Dive , Myla’s personality gradually changes; she loses her joyous aura. She will eventually stop mining with her pickaxe and just stand still and stare, her voice shaky and sorrowful-sounding as she tries and struggles to continue singing. It sounds as if she is crying at this point.

After the Knight claims the Crystal Heart, Myla completely succumbs to The Infection and turns into another infected Husk Miner, like her family she had sung of in her dirges, and she will attack the Knight in a hostile, zombified state if approached. Unlike other Husk Miners, she will cry out in deep sorrow if struck and killed (and will drop hollow knight wiki geo icon10).

There is no way to spare Myla from becoming Infected; however, you are not required to kill her. 

  • Location: Myla can be found at the Forgotten Crossroads, near the entrance to Crystal Peak.
  • Combat: Players may kill Myla (when she becomes Infected).
  • Rewards: Killing her once she is infected drops hollow knight wiki geo icon10.


Associated Quests

  • N/A



Ohhh, bury my mother, pale and slight, 
bury my father with his eyes shut tight! 
Bury my sisters, two by two, 
and then when you're done, let's bury me toooo!

Ha ha ha, do you know that one? It's one of my f-favourites! We can sing something else if you like. You start singing and I'll join in. I bet you have a b-b-beautiful singing voice! Ha ha ha!

So, what are you down here for? If you came to g-get wealthy, just look around you! These mines are still bursting with riches! There's p-p-plenty for everyone, just grab a pick and join in! Ha ha!


Notes & Tips

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