Fluke Hermit

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Location Junk Pit

Fluke Hermit is an NPC added in the DLC of Hollow Knight, Godmaster. Fluke Hermit is a seemingly uninfected parasite, worm-like being.


Fluke Hermit Information

Fluke Hermit is an offspring of the infected Flukemarm. It can be found at the Junk Pit inside a secret room and collecting the junk around it, considering it riches.

  • Location: Fluke Hermit Can be found at the Junk Pit.
  • Progression: Fluke Hermit heads outside of its room after completing one Pantheon and when The Godseeker is awake.
  • Combat: Players may not kill Fluke Hermit.


Associated Quests

  • N/A



Safe, gla... Little Sisters... Gla gla…

Stronger... Gla gla... Bigger... Mother…

Gla gla... Grow and grow... Nice and wet…

Noisy... Gla gla... Scary up up... Stay here, gla…

Gla gla... Mother sends treasure... Gather it up…


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    • Huh, Hermit seems to have completely disappeared from his spot in my game... I remember speaking to him while he was poking one of the baby Flukes, and when he was freaking out and screaming at the top of the Junk Pit cliff at poor Godseeker. Then he returned to his cave area once again, but now I can’t find him there. I don’t think I even got to see all of his dialogue - wanted to equip the Flukenest Charm and let him react to it, but he’s gone. Is this character supposed to disappear?

      • He/she/it(?) personally nauseates me like the rest of the Flukes, and I’d rather the Flukes go extinct now that their evil matriarch Flukemarm is dead. Just my opinion. Yes, the I see that the Hermit seems to be an outcast who has developed more of a sense of self-awareness and sapience, and doesn’t seem hostile, but I still dislike Flukes being that they are vicious parasite-worm-type creatures. I don’t trust the Hermit. Parasites serve no purpose but to cause others agony and drain the life out of creatures. They live and grow in filth, hence their aptly established “home” in the sewers of Hallownest. Also, the Hermit is like a crazed caveman - first it pokes a baby Fluke with a stick over and over, then it sees poor Godseeker and screams at him and doesn’t want him there in the Junk Pit... Hermit hates Godseeker for merely existing, and that’s a bad sign that Flukes are still hostile. I feel bad for Godseeker, giant ancient Goliath beetle trapped in his “cocoon” for ages after ages of stasis after his kingdom fell to ruins, rather amnesic, just to wake up in a sewer junk pit to that deranged worm screeching at him for existing. I don’t necessarily hate Hermit (really, I’d rather play as Hermit than Hornet any day), but I think it would be best if the Flukes and Spiders were cast out of reformed Hallownest entirely being that they are dangerous rebels. Again, just my opinion.

        • Anonymous

          I like to think with the infected Fluke Marm gone that Fluke Hermit aka big sis can lead her family to a more peaceful existance

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