Songstress Marissa

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Location City of Tears

Marissa is an NPC in Hollow KnightMarissa is a ghost and former songstress in the City of Tears, who passed away some time after the infection spread throughout Hallownest.  She can be found in the Pleasure House, lingering around the theatre she used to perform in.


Welcome to my stage little one. I am Marissa, a songstress of some renown, though given the sorry state of this place, you may find it hard to believe.


Hollow Knight Marissa Information

Marissa was a butterfly who was blessed with a voice that could ease all burdens and still troubled minds. In life, she performed for the crowds in the Pleasure House, a building in the City of Tears that houses a spa and theatre, where the citizens would go to unwind and engage in recreational activities. After the infection spread throughout Hallownest, Marissa's patrons ceased coming to see her perform. She eventually passed in the time after, but her spirit lingered in the theatre, still singing despite no one listening to her performances.

Marissa can be heard singing when The Knight approaches the entrance to the theatre in the Pleasure House. If the Dream Nail has been acquired, she will appear on the stage and she will ask the Knight if he'd like to her her sing.

  • LocationMarissa can be found in the Pleasure House, a sub-area of the City of Tears. A Simple Key is required to access the building.
  • ProgressionMarissa only appears after The Knight has acquired the Dream Nail.
  • CombatMarissa cannot be fought, but can she be destroyed and absorbed with the Dream Nail, which grants it 1 Essence.
  • Rewards: None


Marissa Related Quests in Hollow Knight

  • None


Marissa Dialogue in Hollow Knight

  • "Welcome to my stage little one. I am Marissa, a songstress of some renown, though given the sorry state of this place, you may find it hard to believe."

  • "Huge crowds once flocked to hear me sing, then something changed. The audience, once so enrapt, began to leave. I continued to sing yet my voice fell silent upon their ears."

  • "Perhaps you'd care to listen to me sing? You'll be the first in an age to hear it."

  • "Even if only you, it's a wonderful thing to have an audience again."


Hollow Knight Marissa Notes & Tips

Should I kill Marissa in Hollow Knight?

  • "Killing" Marissa with the Dream Nail does not affect gameplay or the story in any meaningful way. The only real consequence to the act is no longer being able to hear her beautiful voice, in exchange for 1 Essence for your Dream Nail.

Other Notes

  • Other notes go here.



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